Headphones The Dash of Bragi: First Impressions

In the years that I’ve been writing about technology, few times I found a very interesting product as the headphones The Dash of the German company Bragi. Although there are several words that can describe them, such as compact, design, surprise or discretion, which best describes them perhaps this. Sexy.
It’s a product that generated much expectation when you receive it, but whose initial experience more than anything that you had in mind. These are the first impressions we have had with the headphones Bragi The Dash. 

Unboxing of the headphones The Dash

The box containing the headphones The Dash is great if we take into account that the product occupies a small fraction at his side. Bragi has wanted to equip its hearing of a letter to the height of your product. And its price of 299 euros on its website (284 euros at Amazon).
At first glance, it seems that the box includes a fairly thick book of instructions. However, when opened it we realize that it is they are no more than 6 or 8 fairly thick pages. In them, we see how to configure the headphones of Bragi, as well as some tricks and gestures that we can make them.
Finally, at the end of open book we have the coveted headphones. At the top, a box with different ‘socks’ of silicone to attach to different types of ear. In my case, I have enough small silicone tips, since they cling perfectly to my ear.
The Bragi are left in place, provided that we have placed them well by slightly rotating the headset in our ear
The headphones are placed in their case, subject by one piece on your website. This case has an outer shell of metal, which immediately comes under the case. At the bottom we have the micro-USB charging cable.
It will be better for you to contemplate the disposition of each of these elements, because once the throw-ins they will not be equal. No matter too because you will only need the full case and cable, so that you can leave the box on a shelf of the Hall as a reference and as if it were a book.

Much more than a wireless headset really

Many times, when we say headphones wireless we refer to the iPhone headset that are not directly connected with our iPhone via a cable. However, the left and right headphones are connected in some way, either with a cable, with a DIAdem. Although they are wireless, they are not all wireless that could be.
In recent months we have seen how appeared several interesting proposals and which dismissed the connections wired completely. Bragi is one of the pioneers in this field and with The Dash has managed to create a fully wireless headset that goes one step further than being a simple music player.
However, the question that everyone is done with this type of headphones is always the same: would fall off if you move with force? Short answer: no. I do not know what is the reason behind that Bragi has managed to remain on your website, but if you put them as you must remain in your website. A feat if we bear in mind that your single point of support is inside the ear and not surrounds the ear in any way.
They are in-ear headphones, something that will not like some, and take advantage of “insertion” in the ear to hold themselves, at the same time placed the heart rate sensor contact with our body. Yes, it’s true. As I said a few lines above, The Dash is not a simple sound player. It is a wearable, hearable, earable or as you call them.
Bragi headphones are capable of measuring our physical activity, although this quality we will see more thoroughly in its corresponding analysis within a few days.

Good initial taste

The Dash of Bragi contain many more things that we will go through in detail in its analysis. But suffice it to say that it is a product that leaves a good taste beginsl and that is very important in a new category as the representing.
Good impressions are also very important in technological products. They are sensations that will accompany us throughout the life of the product, it either short (because back it) or long time (because you are not separated from it). Bragi headphones are a product that surprises and get good feelings as soon as you begin to use them.
In a few days We present our experience and conclusions, so stay tuned.