Here Is OnePlus One Invitational Winners

Then there is found 3 lucky winners of an invitation to purchase a OnePlus One.
The clock has struck 12, and we have found the 3 winners of an invitation to purchase OnePlus One 64 GB Sands tone Black-phone, which has gotten so much publicity since it came into the world.
The 3 winners and their winning arguments is:

Jacob J

“Dear our site
I have now been faithful since the fledgling startup in DK androidfan. I have fought against the sith-power for many years, people who nod and commented on my choice of mobiles.
I fell for the charm of Cyanogens struggle against the dominant supremacy, and sees OnePlus One as an important player on the market. A project I would very much like to support. Innovation, freedom and superiority are their characteristics. 
I have followed the development on your site, and is a faithful reader of our site and your employees.
If I will be one of three lucky, so I promise you (continued) fidelity. But it also results in a kid as there will be more than happy as it was a Christmas Eve.
Thanks for writing the square;-)
Brgds. “

Nicolai Mortensen

“It’s gotta be me who must have it. I am so tired of the other here at work are so busy with their iPhones and how lovely they are. And now that 6 ‘ eren just have come forward would be über-brittle to be able to present a better phone for half the price!!! 
In addition, I use a long time in the bus to and from work and is missing a great nice monitor to watch my movies and series. 
I forgot to say that I am sure that my life in General will be better and more colourful if I owned a phone of this caliber and quality? I think I will always have tailwind when I go, the Earth will move to follow me on the road and the Sun will always shine! :-)”


“I have tried most brands URf.eks. HTC, Samsung, Nokia and of course the iPhone. But there is no mobile, that makes me drool like a OnePlus One. I have vacuumed forums and other websites in order to get an invite, but without success. 
I have read all the articles here on our site about OnePlus One, and expectations are in the top. I am a regular reader of the mobile site (it is my home page) and I like to slice a user review for you, if ye choose me;) “
Congratulations to Jacob, Nicolai and Johan, you will hear from us shortly.