High End Leather Jackets

Here are the most advanced brands findable in France often in the Ranger to often dizzying prices (between 1500 and 2000). Do not buy these jackets until you are certain the style you want to adopt for several years. You can find them on occasion Forums Superfuture, styleforum or sometimes that of BonneGueule.
Giorgo Brato
We can start having treatments and interesting cuts from this designer with use of asymmetry and presence of hoods that I have hitherto seen anywhere. The washes and treatments are particularly sharp, and cuts out of the ordinary: it is a good choice once you have found your style , for a second leather jacket. But there is little chance that you find a really versatile basic in its collection.

It is against expensive retail prices (the brand is distributed in the Ranger to 1.200 euros): the bargains are hiding in the dresser, rue de Poitou where we can find for 300-400 euros, or inshallows of the interweb . But as with any professionnal seller, must return regularly. Otherwise there is the old solution ebay.
Isaac Sellam
With Benoit, we had the chance to meet him in the living room of Tranoi January 2010. He told us a lot of exciting and vibrant stuff on its manufacturing processes (of course I forgot everything since). He comes from a long line of tanners and has itself 15 years of leatherworking experience with a quality comparable to Rick Owens.
A young French brand created in 2002, which draws inspirations in cosmopolitan Tokyo. so are the forms adopted relatives sharp Japanese brands like Julius. On top of that, their factories use the same leather Balmain.
A Just World
The brand is present in the Ranger Antonioli and forumeurs lucky few were able to buy used on Superfuture. starved of information on it, I’ll let you fill in comments
Barnabé Hardy
The B.Hardy jackets do not stand out by treatment or a particular cut: they are more subject to real work yoke, almost transplants. I was particularly impressed by a back jackets with braided leather and I imagine the degree of control and precision needed to get there.
Some jackets have a work of subtlety and thoroughness as it is seen donning wrong to go in search of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones as they are fragile and will carry that for archi occasions Safe where you will not make big splurge.
Quai de Valmy (thank you to PB)
A high-end brand distributed at Colette and subcontract for example Kitsuné. This house, which refers to the Canal Saint-Martin, is composed of three entities: Nori, Japanese designer, Isaac Reina, specializes in designer bags and Seraphin, leather workshop.
Seraphin The jackets are made in France: the materials used are mostly exotic (alligator Sudan goat Hunza valley momentum of Lapland deer Pennsylvania, lamb nymph Eritrea and Ethiopia …).
Incarnation (thank you MC)
Claw Keita Ogawa, a Japanese designer who works with the renowned Italian tannery Guidi, known for its shoes and bags. The leathers used are rather well developed: horse leather (single and double face), soaked lamb, veal etc.
JamaisVulgaire output of the second issue ( what is? )
With some delay, the second issue of the magazine JamaisVulgaire is finally over: you will find leather jackets of this article, in addition to a selection of hoodies, coats midseason and bags.
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