High Quality Mens Dress Shirts

Private Studio in a Few Words

The private studio logo is relatively simple and juxtaposes the letters A and P. This brand is an offshoot of the European Society of Confection who worked mainly in subcontracting for reputable brands in menswear. Created in 1971, the company made evidence before launching his own brand which simply aims lovers shirt quality man.
Attention is focused, as usual, on the details, both in terms of finishes for the choice of fabrics with objectives: to offer all year round quality shirt and you will go perfectly whatever your style and age.


Initially, the Mensshirtsshop.com proposed that the dress shirts in their workshops . Now the offer has expanded and now offers:

  • some pullovers
  • cashmere sweaters
  • T-shirts
  • a range of accessories gossip (neckties, bowties, scarves, socks, scarves, cufflinks…)

Focus on the shirt Workshop Private

The shirts offer on the site is more than wide! There are currently about 400 shirts for sale on the site.
I also appreciate two things:

  • a search engine that allows a precise selection of shirts that you want to see
  • an outlet section that offers discounts all year

The shirts are available with the “following”:

  • 12 types of collars: French, Italian, small collar, Mao, Claudine, white , off, officer, buttoned…
  • 2 cups shirts: slim or adjusted
  • 3 cuffssingle, simple-rounded or musketeer
  • a very wide range of fabrics  and patterns : cotton, poplin, denim …
  • Note:the option to order test shirts to become familiar with the brand and be sure to buy the right size. These shirts are sold at a discount (40 €) and can be purchased only once per customer.

Until then

  • I purchased a shirt of the brand during the sales .I will bring you back soon. Meanwhile, I suggest the promo code8PI2008 which allows you to save € 8 on your first order.
  • For those who believe (as I do now that I have received my order), you can order at Atelier Privé .
  • I ferrais you soon back further on my test shirt Atelier Privé and a return on mytest Basus polo.