How Do I Change a Compact Fluorescent Lamp Correctly?

What Is A Compact Fluorescent Lamp?
A compact fluorescent lamp is a tubular lamp which is operated on a seprates power supply. They are very efficient lamps that consume less energy with the same amount of light than other alternatives.
Caution: The performance of compact fluorescent lamps is directly linked to your sizes. If you replace an old lamp, you must use exactly the same socket and the same number of watts you are currently using!
827 extra warm white
830 warm white
840 neutral white
865 Daylight
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How Do I Choose The Right Compact Fluorescent Lamp?

  1. First, you must pay attention to the number of pins of your lamp.It is available with either 2 (PL-C 2P / Dulux D or Lynx-D or Biax-D) or with 4 pins (PL-C 4P / Dulux-DE / Lynx-DE or Biax)!
  2. Next, check the number of watts of your lampThis is because all the dimensions and sizes of the lamps go back to the number of watts.

The Various Manufacturers Of Compact Fluorescent Lamps:
Whether Philips, Osram, Sylvania Or GE. The Following Models Can All Be Easily Interchanged:

Philips PL-C 2P  = Osram Dulux D  = Sylvania Lynx-D  = GE Biax-D
Philips PL-C 4P  = Osram Dulux D / E  = Sylvania Lynx-DE  = “GE Biax-DE
Philips PL-S 2P  = Osram Dulux S  = Sylvania Lynx-S  = GE Biax-S
Philips PL-S 4P  = Osram Dulux S / E  = Sylvania Lynx-SE  = GE Biax-SE
Philips PL-T 2P  = Osram Dulux T  = Sylvania Lynx-T  = GE Biax-T
Philips PL-T 4P  = Osram Dulux T / E  = Sylvania Lynx-TE  = GE Biax-TE
Philips PL-Q 2P  = Osram CFL Square 2 pins  = Sylvania Lynx-Q  = GE Biax-Q
Philips PL-Q 4P  = Osram CFL Square 4 pins  = Sylvania Lynx-QE  = GE Biax-QE
Philips PL-L 4P  = Osram Dulux L  = Sylvania Lynx-L  = GE Biax-L

The Use Of Compact Fluorescent Lamps:
are mainly used in places where you are often used, such as offices, schools, restaurants, corridors or other public facilities. They are used together with a ballast that is inside your luminaire.
According to, the led lights with 2 pin’s run either with a conventional or electronic ballast.
The lamps with 4 pins, on the other hand, only run with electronic ballasts, except the Philips PL-L, which uses a conventional ballast.