How Do I Fold My Tent?

If you buy a tent, you probably immediately think about the removal. They are impressed by the tent and also by the many possibilities offered by the tent. All in all, the anticipation of the holiday there already. But after the holidays or after the season the tent to be packed up again. Although not the most pleasant task, but it should be done really so many years have fun with the tent. Like, we explain how you fold up the tent in 5 steps in a good way.

Clean and dry
Probably you well known, but the most important thing is, before you store your tent, that this is clean and completely dry. You really have no desire for a verschimmeltes tent or dirt, you can no longer remove. To clean the tent, according to Topbbacolleges, take a clean cloth and lukewarm water and a soft brush. Use no SOAP or other cleaning agents in any case because they are harmful for the impregnation.
Tent fold in 5 steps

  1. lay out the roof, completely auseindergefaltet, on a wrap or a clean carpet with the inside facing up. 2. then fold the roof in such a way, that the roof is slightly shorter than the length of the tent bag. 3. do the same with the front wall and side walls. Put curtains on the window, but note that you previously remove the curtain clips. Beware that the zippers on the film press. 4. put the front and side panels on the folded roof. The parts should be then approximately as wide. 5. Lastly, you roll it all together so that it fits into the tent bag.

Clean also the linkage
The awning is now established in the tent bag, but you’re still not ready. Even longer to enjoy the tent, you must pay attention to even the scaffolding. At the tent clean also the rods and dry them. Don’t forget the telescopic parts, because grains of sand or quickly between these parts. We recommend you again to get the Poles pushed into each other, in order to avoid oxidation. Then store the rods into the rod pocket. It is the easiest method that first Pack the corners and the cross piece and then the straight bars.
We recommend our customers what we have described above, always. But that does not mean that it is the only right way. Do you have other ideas or tips, which the packing up of the awning goes easier, faster or better? Tell us about it! Other campers look forward to your tips.