How Harmful Is the Pill after That?

Not a few women had to get the pill after that, as sexual intercourse did not prevent it. But how damaging is the pill really?
Contraceptives may easily fail. Sometimes the condom is torn, the pill has been forgotten or the diaphragm has slipped. Even with such a preventive breakdown, it is still possible with the pill to prevent possible pregnancy. The pill after that is in Germany prescription and can therefore only be obtained by a doctor. However, many do not think that the pill is an absolute emergency medication and is not suitable for continuous use, since the side effects are often very significant. Thus, the pill is not an alternative to other contraceptives, since the safety after frequent ingestion also decreases.
Harmful? Side Effects Of The Pill After That
In principle, the pill is then touted as a well tolerated drug, but many women have side effects. Physical impairments such as headaches, chest tensions, abdominal pain, dizziness and spotting can occur very frequently. The strong hormone intake can also cause the cycle to shift completely and thus the ovulation takes place later. If there is any damage to the liver, the doctor must be notified before the prescription of the drug. After taking the pill, women who have already had an ectopic pregnancy must then be checked according to COMPUTERminus. This ensures that there is no further fallopian tube pregnancy.
Mode Of Action Of The Pill After
Basically, the strong hormonal stress is a big challenge for many women. The hormones prevent the maturation of the egg and ovulation, completely independent of the cycle. The pill after that, however, is not an abortion pill. This means that the drug does not show any effect if the egg has already been ensconced in the uterus. This means that no damage to the unborn is feared. If the pill is subsequently taken in a row, the effect is always further restricted. Taking the drug must remain an exception and should not be reckless. If you do not have any side effects, it is sufficient for you to go to the gynecologist three weeks after taking control examination. If you have side effects, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.