How to Build an Off Road Track for RC Cars

Build an off-road track for RC cars provides hours of fun and requires very few tools and supplies. With a few basic hand tools and a little time, a relatively small patch of open ground can be turned into an off-road race track with berms, jumps and obstacles. As manufacturer of the track that you can custom design the course by adding straight lines for high speeds, sharp turns and special sections with sand, rocks or other debris. The course can be adapted to a skill level or a combination of easy to intermediate and expert sections.Things you need.

Dirt patch of land 20 feet by 20 feet
Stakes wood 1 inch by 1 inch by 12 1/2 inch rope the inch diameter
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Prepare a square of land of 400 square feet by removing any grass, weeds or debris that may be on the ground so that only the dirt remains. The track will be formed using the dirt as the floor, if the plant material and debris must be cleared to expose the dirt.
Up stakes into the ground in the form of an oval in the middle of the rectangular piece of dirt. The oval should be about 10 feet long and will serve as a barrier middle of the track around which the RC cars will compete as a NASCAR oval track race is shaped but on dirt.
3 <p> Wrap the string around the stakes for the oval barrier and form the center of the track. Use a shovel to fill in the oval area issues with soil or rocks to form a solid barrier.
Shovel dirt around the perimeter of the entire track to create an outer edge inclined to the track, forming a berm. Use dirt that is not formed in large clumps so that the slope berm will be smooth and form an edge even outside the track remote control cars can run.
Shovel dirt in a uniform stack in the track. Piling dirt from the outer edge of the track inside the oval barrier. And battery pack as much dirt as needed to form a jump for RC cars. Train track to the jump smoothly so that the RC car accelerates and out of the lip of the jump.