How to Buy a Flashlight?

First, I would like to point out that this buying guide is to help people buy, beyond brands and models. Trying to be an explanation for users without knowledge. Obviously experts will not find anything new.
Secondly, for tastes the colors, so in addition to what can be said, it is always necessary to understand that the solution that serves to each other does not. (as everything)
Third, there are already specialized and technical manuals on linernas to spare, but I will try to make a kind of “summary of typical characteristics” for most people. It is obvious that professionals and people very prepared, can enter other materials and qualities (batteries, leds … etc.)
Fourthly, this guide can also be used for front lights, light bulbs and in some cases (not all) for battery operated lighting. Although all the features are not found in what is a lantern proper, I think it will also help us.
What are you looking for in a flashlight?
On the internet we can see a variety of brands, models and features, each with incredible price ranges ranging from 60 ctv, up to 200 euros …. but from the Garyflashlights we ask … so that Are you going to use your flashlight? I think that’s where we should start.
The use of the flashlight obviously affects the features we need.
Size (Measures)
Modes – with multiple functions or only one
With adjustable or not (zoom or focus)
Distance to light
Amplitude to be illuminated
Number of light
Quantity of continuous use time
Type of power supply
Type of lighting
Type of lens and reflector
Type of water protection
Shock Resistance
Flashlight body material
Other features
I am sure that if we fill the list shown above with the data of the lanterns that we are going to buy, we would have a complete comparison.
But we talk about the use, and for that we have to understand these categories mentioned above and in some cases how they interact with their use.
For example we may want the lamp more powerful in terms of light, but we can find that its battery power is small, so it will last a little time.
This may be good for one particular use and bad for another. This does not invalidate a flashlight with these characteristics. You may want a small and very powerful flashlight, carrying only a battery, since you will use it promptly, not for long to search for fallen objects or find the light box in a blackout, in turn, it may not serve you if you give it a Intensive use for long periods in the usual way.
This example is to realize that the first thing we have to know is what use we will give.
Now let’s try to explain each point to learn how to buy a flashlight.
Size (Measures) and Weight
Obviously a lantern occupies a place and its size, shape and weight is one of the first considerations.
In general to carry we will choose lanterns “of keychain”, “of pocket” or “of pencil”
Then there are the ones that have a higher weight and volume and that we will choose them for the backpack purse, wallet, or belt
Then there is a special category of extra-large flashlights for specific uses and lanterns and light bulbs.