How to Change Battery in LED Watch

Very often in packaging and transport by courier or parcel can drain the battery of LED watches because of the tight protective packaging is quite possible frequently or continuously lit LED’s.

How to Change Battery in LED Watch 1

Uncomfortable in these cases is that the customer receives the clock in corrupted form or battery power to end in a few days, leading to additional delivery costs of returning the watch and its replacement with a new one.

How to Change Battery in LED Watch 2

To save these distractions decided in this video to show how to change the battery of the more popular models LED watches. In most cases, these watches use battery model CR2032 3V or two of battery units placed in a / u another model CR2016.

How to Change Battery in LED Watch 3

As you’ll see in the video carefully open the back cover of the children’s wristwatches is possible to have a transparent adhesive tape, which also removed a screw is unscrewed and detached retaining metal plate after which replaced the battery in reverse order to assemble the clock. Of course, if you feel confident in your actions, seek the services of a watchmaker.