How to Choose a Belly Band

The headband of pregnancy is a basic essential of the wardrobe of the future mother. It follows you throughout your pregnancy, is in second skin and dresses your outfits. It is also a way to show that one is pregnant.

SPractical aspect of the headband

Pregnancy headband supports and completely covers your belly of expectant mother. If its material is sufficiently dense, it keeps your belly.
It covers by overlaying your T-shirt or jeans, all belly and lower back. It allows you to keep warm belly (when wearing jeans low waist for example). Thanks to it, you do not reveal your skin.
In early pregnancy, it can also allow you to continue wearing your old pants by keeping them open, covered by the headband.

Material of the headband

Specially designed for pregnant women, the headband is a very comfortable accessory. Choose a stretchy material, which galbera your belly and adapt its growth throughout pregnancy.
For a headband 100% natural, go for a bamboo textile (without hazardous substances either for you or for your baby). Bamboo is a natural the rmoregulator, it retains heat in winter and cold in summer. It is anti-static, anti-bacterial, protects from UV to 98% and is biodegradable.

Different ways of wearing it

  • Under the T-shirt: With the pregnancy strip can lengthen a T-shirt became too short. You can keep wearing your old clothes longer. It allows a smooth transition between pre-pregnancy clothing and pregnancy clothing;
  • Across the belly and above your clothing Thus carried the pregnancy panel emphasizes your belly to develop and allows greater retention;
  • Under the belly and over your clothing: worn on the lower abdomen, it structure the silhouette says your forms of mom-and marks the camber.

Fashion accessory

The headband accessorize and dress up any outfit.
Many fancy models are available with a message, printed, colored, with a knot… You can play in changing your look pregnant.

Where to buy a pregnancy headband?

You can find your pregnancy banner in any maternity clothes shop or on the petsinclude. Count between 5 € and 40 € depending on the model and material.