How to Choose a Bikini

Hello Urvanitas, we know that the summer is at its peak and that many have already made this choice, but for which you have not yet started or you are going to take to increase your repertoire these days, we are going to give a few ideas that can help you in your choice.
Top, if your bust is discreet, or at least more discreet that you would like, the best are tops type bumper or “bandeau”, however, if in this respect reigns abundance, are especially flattering those who van tied to the neck and have some kind of reinforcement structure that prevents chest to lose its shape.
For the part below, if your hips are generous, the best will be a bottom of high-waisted, which also ensalzará the length of your legs, on the contrary, to the extent that want to extol their forms, the best are the shorts or panties with bows.
Color is an important aspect as cut, dark colors or patterns complex and small drawing, provide discretion to the desired area and on the other hand, light colors, eye-catching or large drawing patterns have the opposite effect, and of course, both parts of a bikini as described in, do not have to be the same, just have to combine, but perfectly respond to the need to conceal a part and praising another.
I leave here some pictures of bikinis trying to bring together the styles and colors of this summer. Photos, and here in this link, can do all the combinations you want, mixing sizes, colors and combine until you find your perfect bikini, is great.
Accessories, these are another important aspect that you can help, a beach dress or a well combined and used sarong can be your perfect companion once you alejáis water or towel, can keep prying eyes away and make you feel more secure.
Here you have also some photos of accessories which we publish on our facebook. Photos 1, photos 2
And finally, be sure of what mother nature gave you and think that beauty and sensuality also has much to do with what they have inside, and we transmit, a woman who feels sexy becomes more attractive, remember it.