How to Choose a Motorcycle Jacket

The jacket is a basic complement in the equipment of any driver. If you do not know how to choose a motorcycle jacket, we will tell you everything that you need to keep in mind to make the perfect purchase.

The motorcycle jacket is not only a garment that protects from the cold or heat, but also, in case of fall protects the body of the biker to reduce burns and injuries.
One of the first doubts that assail the mind of all those who think to buy a jacket of this type is the fabric: leather, sanity or ventilated? Choosing one or the other will depend on the use and the expectations that you have put in this garment.
Leather jackets are like a second skin. If you buy the right size you will not find anything better to cut the wind without suffering its effects, and also, its resistance to abrasion in case of fall is unsurpassed in a textile. But also has its drawbacks, among which we emphasize that they do not usually have perspiration, so if you use it in summer you will have the feeling of being in a sauna. In addition, in case of rain, you will soak and you will have to support double the weight, due to its great capacity of absorption.
The jackets that are made with other type of textiles, like the sanity or similar, do not count on the resistance of the leather against the ravages that the asphalt can do in case of fall. If this happens, you will have to discard that jacket and buy a new one through Among its advantages are its versatility and the inclusion of a thermal lining and Gore-Tex or similar, thanks to which you can use the jacket for most of the year. In addition, they are much easier and comfortable to maintain.
Lastly we find ventilated jackets, which are usually used in summer, but will depend mainly on the place where you live.
Once you know the different types of motorcycle jackets that exist, we offer you a list of things to keep in mind to help you choose the best:
– Protections. The jacket you choose should have removable protections on elbows, shoulders and at least accommodation for the trellis. Do not be afraid if you weigh too much, as this is due to the number of protections it includes.
– Settings. The better the hunter fits your body, the less you will suffer. You must choose the appropriate size so that the garment fits your body, although this is not always possible.That’s why you should look for one that includes adjustments to the back and sleeves, not just the wrists and neck.
– Removable inner lining. It is the key to wearing the jacket throughout the year, including winter and above all is a good complement in ventilated jackets.
– Air intakes. A good idea if you want to wear the jacket also in summer.
– Reflecting. Any motorcycle jacket should have reflective inserts so that any vehicle or road user can see it.
– Pockets. The more pockets, the more practice the hunter will be. Check carefully the quality of your finish and whether they are waterproofed or not.
– Handles. The size and ergonomics of the handles are fundamental, so make sure you do it with the gloves on, as well as check the quality of the zippers.
With this information you can choose the motorcycle jacket with which you feel more comfortable. And to complete this feeling, we offer you the MAPFRE Moto Insurance to make your travels as safe as possible.