How To Choose A Sleeping Bag

When choosing the sleeping bag , there are many factors to take into account to make a correct choice. There are different types and, depending on the use we want to give, it will be necessary to choose one or the other.
The place and conditions in which you go to sleep will be one of the most important facts, but you must also value other things. In this article from a How we explain in detail how to choose a sleeping bag as described in recreation items.
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1 The first thing that we have to take into account to choose the sleeping bag will be the use that we are going to give , since based on this we can choose one or the other model. And it is that will not be the same a sleeping bag to go camping with the family as one to go trekking or bivouac to the mountain.
2 Also, the thermal capacity of the bag will be another factor that can make us decant for different models of bag, that is, how it is able to prevent the loss of body heat. This will depend on the material of the filling, the thickness of the insulation layer, the type of construction, if you have accessories such as hood or collar, etc.
3 On the other hand, the weight and volume of the bag will also influence when choosing it. When it is necessary to load it in the backpack, we will try to reduce to the maximum the space that occupies and that we must carry the lowest possible weight.
4 The size of the sleeping bag will also be important, not only when transporting it but also the space that we will have to sleep. It is essential to have some freedom of movement in the interior, but without escaping hot air.
5 It should be noted that there are two types of sleeping bags filling : bird feather and fiber / synthetic. The feathers provide a really good thermal insulation and, in addition, their weight and volume are smaller than the synthetic ones. Even so, when it comes to humid climates, synthetic fiber sleeping bags are recommended as they barely absorb moisture and these types of sacks can dry quickly.
6 Another aspect that also influences to choose a sleeping bag will be its shape, and although we can find many types, they are distinguished mainly in:
Rectangular sleeping bags: They are wider and can be used as a blanket. They are recommended for camping, traveling in a caravan, etc.
Mummy-type sleeping bags: Theyfit more tightly to the body, so they keep your body temperature better and are lighter and take up less.They are the most appropriate for activities of mountaineering, mountaineering, etc.
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