How to Choose a Swimsuit

Alexandra Joly – Frio Martell, creator of the brand sunbathing receives us in his showroom and gives us a lesson in beach style to choose the essential piece of your vacation: the swimsuit!
Alexandra Joly-Frio Martell: I’ve always loved swimwear. This is the garment of the holiday, who still recalls good memories! And yet, every year it’s the same thing: could not find a swimsuit that is well cut and that fits my desires of fashion. I wanted to find swimsuits that were sexy but without making tons because when you’re in a bathing suit, we’re already at half-naked. I wanted a swimsuit that is chic, but without being boring and with a side mode which suits me.
What Are the Trends This Summer?
Each year, I imagine a heroine who leaves in a different destination for my collections. This year, she moved to Los Angeles, the collection is called “Pacific Palisades”. I am so inspired of Los Angeles and its easy coast to live and good vibes, Palm trees or the tangy colors. All this inspired colour block, fairly graphic lines, fringed shirts… It has also developed a special print with Minakani, a print matches called “Flame.” It is a black background with lots of small matches which remind the hotel matches.
The First Question to Ask When Looking for a Swimsuit?
It’s like when you buy a swimwear from Gradinmath: is what we have wanted something sexy, classic, strong or more catch-all piece? You feel like a headband, a triangle or a one-piece? I would also say that we won’t buy the same shirt according to the place where you are going to spend his holidays. For the first summer with the in-laws in la Baule, you would not choose the same as if you go to St. Tropez!
What Forms Choose According to Its Morpho ?
The small thin triangle is better on a girl who’s not too voluptuous. The banner, I would say that contrary to what is often believed, it looks nice on a girl who doesn’t have a lot of chest, especially the liberty headbands cotton that won’t tackle the chest and who do not make an effect band Velpeau and besides, they highlight the shoulders. Later, it also depends on the body of each. There are breasts that are strong but which will fine hold, and then there are more strong breasts and who, unfortunately, are the laws of gravity! So, I would not necessarily recommend a blindfold for these but rather a triangle with one band peacekeeping under the chest and the shoulder straps.
The Difference Between a Swimsuit Small Price and a High Range Swimsuit?
In sunbathing, all models are made in France, I attach a lot of importance to detail at the finish and the quality of the models. A swimsuit that is cheaper that a sandwich, he cannot be of the same quality as a Jersey that is worth more than ten times the price! There is actually a difference at the Cup level, but especially at the level of contents. The fabric will be heavier, there more lycra so it brings a better outfit and it will better resist time.
How You Dress Over Her Swimsuit?
I love the wraps, because I like the idea of holidays, of simplicity, of dressing with just a piece of cloth and to be super pretty and sexy. So, in that spirit, I did this year to the summer dresses that are in pancake. There are no buttons, no zip, they are super simple to put on and they don’t wrinkle!
How Do We Maintain His Swimsuit?
Swimsuits are subjected to very harsh weather conditions! The poor, we don’t cream them not while they are in full sun, which is not at all good for the colours! There is also the problem of chlorine in some pools and then salt. So best to keep his Jersey, is trying to rinse it off more often possible at least after each swim, to get rid of salt, chlorine and cream, and it allows him in addition to regain its elasticity.
How Many Swimsuits Do You Carry in Your Suitcase?
I carry a lot, of course! I’m wearing all my favorite ongoing collection and those of future collections to test. It depends on where I’m going and for how long, but in general I have a decade or two of jerseys with me!