How to Choose a Winter Jacket

In cold weather, we all want to dress toplo. No at the same time beautiful and vkusen. Eto why jacket of choice should be taken very vnimatelno. Yaketo should be warm, comfortable, well integrated into the rest of your wardrobe, fit fashion trends, all of which must be a reasonable price for you.

Down Jacket

Warmer jacket serves as a filler for puh. Puh-Ideal option to fill down jacket, but down feather jacket is expensive, on average-$ 1000-2000.Swan down slightly smaller than him in tsenata.Gaska is much cheaper and cheapest cold-patitsa.Ponyakoga different manufacturers use fillers that hold the heat well, but only if the jacket is filled to 85% .When buying a jacket sure to check out etiketa.Nadpisat “Down” means that filler jacket-real down and feathers.
Another advantage of determination is that the plumage of waterfowl covered with natural fat grease repel voda.No that does not mean that it can not be washed down yake.Ako laundry
With determination jacket to throw two tennis balls, they are during washing, rolling the jacket will not let the pen matted.
Have down jackets, there are some nedostatatsi. Toy is very bulky and sitting behind the wheel of the car, it is better to take, but if you use the subway-and there in the bed of a feather will be goreshto. Parva jacket once a year preferably in the summer, will have to deal with antiparasitic agent that it is not infested by insects.
How to choose a winter jacket, down jacket? Best down jackets are considered kanadski. No they are very expensive, not everyone can pozvoli. Taka if you want to buy a high-quality jacket, then choose if they are not manufactured in Canada, but not necessarily well-known brand.
It is better to go into a large specialty store, so you’re guaranteed not plucked up fake, because such stores value their reputation and deal directly with the manufacturer.
Price of this jacket can be from 3 to 8 THS. Rubli.Tova depends on the filler-fluff from the new model of the popular brand.
Differentiate the brand from counterfeiting something can be logo buttons, rivets, butoni. Etiketat is embroidered with no errors, and each point on it-separately and not a single tema. Za each company down jacket booklet attached to the label of the garment.
Pay attention to Chinese-made rizi. Mnogo Chinese factories operate under license from well-known companies as production does not require much work, so a jacket Chinese production of good quality can be purchased much cheaper.

Fur Jacket

How to choose winter fur coat? This jacket can be made from natural or artificial kozha.Toplo and wear beaver considered kozha.yake mink, you will not only warm, but also look at it would be prekrasno.Karakul – fur people old, young, it does not fit, but the sheep will be right! such skins like sable, fox or fox add a touch of charm in the shape of an elegant lady.
Choosing a leather jacket, remember their little hands skin should not izrovim. Ako still hear the sound when crushed – bad skin otzhirovany or presusheni. Tazi skin will soon begin to crack and break in places like crushed kreking. Sled skin, it should be immediately stood up, leaving no sticky individual hairs.
Quality of workmanship is tested as follows: slightly damp hand slides along kozinata.Ako many hands nalipnet guard hair, skin very quickly “go” and he will remain bald spots.
Many quality leather jackets shevove. Ako say they are made of a thin needle holes in the seams are almost invisible, something that distinguishes dobro. Ako seams are not visible, the product is probably glued it would be short-lived.
Much cheaper cost of leatherette yake. Druzhestvo Animal Protection and Greenpeace, only welcome this izbor. Miss Sixty, even released a new collection of jackets, leather that has caused a wave of excitement in the world, and artificial skin is still in vogue.