How to Choose Bed Linen

No matter how carefully we have chosen furniture and decorative items in the bedroom after a while we crave something new. Just the bedroom is the place where occasionally just needed a change, and this will raise the mood. But to do every time repair or relocation of the furniture is impossible under the influence of momentary impulse. To create the desired image in the bedroom can and without radical methods, sometimes it is enough just by placing a new bedroom suite, and the room seems quite differently.
The first thing you need to know before buying a new set of bed linen is the right size mattress, blanket and pillows. Even habitual standard sizes can differ from one another. So we’ll need to arm ourselves with centimeter.
After opredem size should carefully study the details of the set, appearing criterion for quality. If the reversal of underwear from the wrong side notice rough edges, it is better to cancel the purchase, the seams can not withstand several washes. According to Phonecations, the thread should match the color of your underwear. Another sign of quality is the density of the fabric; as the fibers are more dilute, the shorter will be the life of the sheets.

Of course, the most basic criterion in choosing a set of sheets is fabric. He has a long and prolonged contact with the skin, so it must be pleasant to the touch, hygienic and environmentally friendly option: do not cause allergic reactions, especially when it comes to children’s sheets.
The range offered today fabrics for bedding comes down to a few key positions.
Very popular is sateen, which consists of 50% viscose, 40% cotton, 10% polyester. Viscose has many compelling advantages: it is natural, smooth and hardly crease. Cotton also refers to a group of natural materials, moreover, it is an ideal component of quality linens – fabric produced on cotton is soft and warm. The minimum amount of artificial polyester is required to enhance the performance of the underwear. Thanks to this fusion is obtained secular fabric that gives wide implementation of design thinking. Besides all these advantages, the average price of satin sets is relatively accessible.
In the production of bedding often use 100% cotton, of which produce different fabrics, which differ in their matter, the degree and durability. The fabrics of this group have many merits: airtightness, antialergennost with such sheets is hot in summer and cold in winter. The price of cotton sets depends on the country of origin.
Jacquard refers to a group of luxurious fabrics. The appearance has expressed relief tissue type, and the original material is reached using a complicated knitting yarns. The unique technology of production of this fabric enables the creation of highly accurate drawings and colorful, which makes jacquard sets exclusive and precious.
Another representative of the luxury lingerie is silk. In addition aesthetic and textile characteristics that underwear has other no less important advantages: fast is perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, the body feels comfortable, silk is a wonderful thermostat.
Dive models would be most suitable for busy housewives who do not have much time or simply do not like ironed. They practically do not crease and always looks neat bed. For those who love home care can opt for linen fabrics that require more care.