How to Choose Bedding Sheets

How to Choose Bed Sheets

The bed is not only the cradle of our nights but is also where we get rest, inspiration, affection, care and much more. For this, in addition to a structure, a network and mattress suitable for your purposes, you must also have the correct sheets. How to choose the right sheets? Here are our recommendations …

Softness and Comfort

Among the main features that we must always keep in mind there are certainly those of general terms like softness and comfort, we must also be certain that the sheets will ensure the stability of the temperature depending on the season. A good sheet must ensure insulation, but at the same time must permeate the skin without creating the choking effect.

Cotton, Linen and Silk

The main fibres indicated when choosing sheets via Remzfamily are definitely the linen, silk and cotton. The latter is the most used fabric, especially the Egyptian cotton which happens to be the best in terms of quality. In fact, cotton is very resistant to washing, does not irritate the skin and is a light and soft fabric. Flax, instead, is a fibre particularly suitable for warm temperatures since it has the ability to disperse body heat is also an antibacterial, hypoallergenic fabric, suitable for those who suffer from allergies to fabrics. Silk is the right fibre for every occasion: warm in winter and cool in summer can guarantee not only the insulation you need but also the softness and resistance of all fibers mentioned earlier. Only drawback: the cost.

The Right Color

Each of these tissues is also available in an infinite variety of patterns and colors to be chosen according to personal taste, but also according to the décor in your bedroom: you prefer the warm tones and strong contemporary style rooms; and a classical style with embroidery and lace and neutral colors is suitable for rooms with vintage furniture , shabby chic or traditional. You can indulge to the bedrooms of guys where you can choose colorful patterns, designed and imaginative.