How to Choose Dawn Simulator

At good and organic, we try every day to the best advice to our customers. Sometimes we have trouble making his choice between several products that look the same.
It is particularly the case dawn simulators that enhance your alarm clock to be fit all day (and mood).

What is a dawn Simulator?

As with any topic or product type, it must return to the basics, to know what a dawn Simulator and why is it beneficial for health.
A dawn Simulator alarm clock will use the light of the Sun instead of the traditional ringtone or radio that fires. Brightness increases progressively, which takes us out of our sleep in a progressive manner. So, waking up is much more natural, and more wake in the middle of a dream.
Thus, several studies have shown that users are in better shape, wake up more easily and are in a better mood. In short, it is a real plus for our health and our well-being.
The problem that remains is therefore to know what model to buy.

Choose what dawn Simulator?

To do this, we have published a comparison of dawn Simulator on the issue, and we’re talking about on our other blog Of light therapy lamp. It includes all the models proposed by good and organic, namely the range of the light but also the Medisana Simulator.
For each, a summary table indicates if or not the model includes some features, while stating in detail what she can do. We discover that some models of alarm clocks on CANCERMATTERS, Dawn simulators are more or less complete, and some include innovative solutions how:

  • A guide to meditation
  • A function of Chromotherapy
  • A SD card reader and an MP3 player
  • A screen that turns off
  • A different programming by day of the week

If you remember that 3 models, here are the ones I would choose:

  • A cheap dawn Simulator, to opt for the Lumie 30: simple, effective and practical
  • A Simulator of dawn for child, to turn to the stars of the Lumie 50
  • For a truly comprehensive dawn Simulator, go straight for the Lumie 300 (see the Lumie 250)