How to Choose His Ski Helmet

Here is a guide to choose your ski helmet as most important, making the ski, it’s security. So not of “Yes, no, me helmets that makes me a weird head”, adult or children even fighting, put his pretty helmet and protect! In addition, you have now frankly no valid excuse: where the ski helmets seemed straight out of Full Metal Jacket a few years ago, they are now very stylish and suitable for all body types. You to choose.

Choose his ski helmet: choose the right size

You guessed, the first criterion for choosing your ski helmet, it’s size! To find out which helmet you will match, take a tape measure and measure around your NOGGIN. To do well, you should know you need measure from the front to the back of the head, passing just above the ears. The result, in centimeters, gives you your head turn. That, too, we hope that you guessed!
In general, correspondence between round head and the size of the helmet are:
51-52 cm: XXS
53-54 cm: XS
55-56 cm: S
57-58 cm: M
59-60 cm: L
60-61 cm: XL

Choose his ski helmet: comfort

Even if you carefully choose a ski helmet to your size, know that it will not necessarily go you! Indeed, the forms of the heads are very different from one individual to another. One piece of advice: in order to choose his helmet: try it! And not just by putting it on your head as a tiara, but by attaching the chinstrap and moving the head in all directions to check that it does not move! Last thing, it is good to take your mask with you, in order to try him on the helmet that you plan to buy in order to check that there is no space at the level of the front.Nothing more unpleasant to ski back in freezing the brain, when you have the chance to own a.
Also pay attention to the quality of the lining of your helmet. It will be more or less sweet, more or less malleable to fit perfectly to the contours of your head as bike helmets featured by Ledlightsclassified.
Finally, check the quality of the chin strap closure. Often, a little protection covers the plastic clip: make sure that she doesn’t get away in all directions. This Council is even more so the bearded: try to get a bit of beard in the scratch by-20 ° C, struggling to get out the hands of gloves to free you. Yes, it’s the experience!

Choose his ski helmet: ventilation

A ski helmet that keeps warm in the head. Then look at a benevolent air helmets that offer aeration and ventilation systems. But be careful that your protection does not turn in real air flow. The vents are fine, power open or close them is even better! For drying, be aware that some ski helmets offer the ability to detach their internal lining to dry. Clever but not necessarily essential, you can still dry your entire headset and it works too well.

Choose his ski helmet: the type of manufacturing

Helmets are designed in two ways. There are those who have two layers (a rigid protective Shell and a liner which cushions), a little heavier and others, who have only one (System In Mold, which merges the outer shell and the bumper) and are lighter. In Mold helmets have a designed one piece hull, which allows also best ventilation systems.


Gadgets, there is a package on ski helmets. The visor that gives you an aggressive killer of ultra fast air to the ‘ must-have ‘ ‘in’ riders: audio and the possibility to connect a music device directly on built-in headphones in the headphone. So hipster, we still wonder what’s the point otherwise to show off in front of his friends. Our colleagues in the Express (known to be leading experts of the ski) believe that these models of headsets with headphones are “reserved for very good skiers’. Like if you’re a God of the fast, you don’t need to hear what is happening around you, you draw to bottom in the middle and such a bat, you’ll locate ultrasonic?
A pretty cool gadget anyway: the ability to detach the Atria of the helmet. History of modulate the ventilation of your esgourdes according to the situations.

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