How To Choose My Sports Bra

In the XXI century, having a good physical appearance has become a true obsession for many people, who seek in sports the best ally to get it.
And, while receiving a favorable image from the other side of the mirror is always good for our self-esteem, physical exercise in much more than that. Practicing a regular sports routine is also beneficial for our health: we exercise the heart and lungs, improve our circulation, strengthen muscles and even release the stress of daily life. However, training without some precautions can also lead to problems. For women, for example, it is essential to choose a good sports bra to avoid injuries such as breaking Cooper’s ligaments, which hold the breast, or serious back injuries . Therefore, from the outset we help you choose the bra that best suits your anatomy.

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1 In the first place, it is indispensable that we know the variables on which we must base our choice. When choosing a sports bra, it is important to check your level of support (it should be according to the type of exercise that we are going to practice), the comfort that brings us or the type of material that makes it (the more breathable, the better).
2 To choose the level of restraint, it is imperative that acertemos with size bra. It is incredible how many women who, after years of wearing this garment, never find the right one. A formula could be to take into account both the contour of the breast (measured below the breast, being able to give means such as 80, 95, 100 …) and the contour of the breast above the nipple, which indicates the depth of the Cup : A, B, C…
3 Once we finally have our size, it is very important that we decide to enter the tester. It is true that testing each candidate on a one-to-one basis is slow and tedious, but if not, we run the risk of finding a purchase that will prove useless. Once placed, we can adjust the straps and make a couple of movements that allow us to decide if we feel comfortable and safe enough.
4 When we already have clear our size and the type of bra that makes us feel more comfortable, we can go to the most fashionable part of the purchase. In the past are the unsightly and bland bodies that we endorsed when we went to high school. Nowadays, the most important fashion brands have sports fashion lines to make you feel beautiful while you are crushing in the gym. Anyway, it is advisable that they are made in fabrics that allow perspiration, thus absorbing the sweat .
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