How to Choose The Right Fishing Lures

Fishing lures enthusiasts like to change often during fishing, and in the heat of the action quickly is a mess in the boxes…
This “annual technical inspection” has two stages: review and reorganization.

The review is to check the condition of the decoys to avoid unpleasant surprises.
First and most important: the State and the spiciness of the hooks. The biggest and the least damaged can be sharp. Small triple, difficult to sharpen or those who suffered too (twisted, weakened), should be replaced by models of identical characteristics.
Also replace the oxidized (triple rings broken).
Swimmers fish, can clog the holes and notches (Pike teeth) with a drop of epoxy varnish. And why not take advantage to test them one by one in the clear water and settle swim them?
The spinner bait, according to Bestfishingessentials, must be controlled also: spiciness of the hook, change of the skirt or strengthening of its attachment (new ring ligation). Straighten the arms twisted, clean swivels barrel of dirt that are embedded.
The faded and damaged soft baits are eliminated or consolidated (the lighter welding).
The reorganization consists of two steps: replace the fallen lures on the field of honour add new models if applicable, and store the boxes in a rational way. For example, fish swimmers, a crankbait, one box jerkbait, etc.No matter that the box is full or not, the important thing is that it is organized in a logical way, so we can immediately find what you want, without having to open all the boxes.