How to Choose the Right Heels

High heels are synonymous with femininity. They lengthen the silhouette and chaloupent approach. It would be a shame to spend, but every shape and heel height specificity. To choose the heels tailored to your body, remember these few details.

The height
Big or small, all women can wear heels. It’s only a matter of envy fashion or looking for comfort. From a morphological point of view, the heel height does not matter. Small women can often feel like high heels that large, but this vision of the heel is a little cliché.Better to help the characteristics of different heel sizes to choose.
Small heels-1 to 3 cm
Lower heels are comfortable and easy to wear. They are recommended for women with circulation problems and can not stay long on the highest heels. In all cases, it is important to choose shoes with minimal heel, ballerinas or moccasins completely dishes tend to back pain when standing still long with.
Means heels-4-7 cm
From a medical point of view, these heels are best for your feet and back, to the extent that they give a perfect and comfortable camber to maintain the body. However, from a fashion point of view, they are not always the most gracious, although the mini heels can be very nice at that height.
High heels-8-10 cm
These heels are a bit more dangerous to wear and require a minimum of training. It does not work quite naturally on the heels of this height. We must accustom the foot not to be held to the ground while walking. Beyond 10 cm heel, it becomes bad to walk with plate no heels on the front foot.
Very high heels-more than 10 and up to 15cm
This type of footwear has necessarily trays at the front of the foot. Thus, some women wear without problem impressive very high heels from Naturegnosis.
The form
The square heel
This type of heel is very easy to wear and comfortable: thanks to its width, it is stable. It is particularly suited to plump women as respects the balance of shapes and volumes.While stilettos mark too much contrast between round and calf Ultra thin shoe, the thicker square heel particularly well suited to the chubby legs. It allows the body soar thanks to its height and to give a harmonious shapely legs.
The Wedge
The wedges (eg heel sneakers compensated very fashionable) suitable for women who are not too used to walk with high heels. On the ground, the sole is of the same width throughout, giving a perfect stability. However, on too thin legs, can offset burdening the silhouette, as if the shoes were too massive for small gams lodge there.
The heel or stiletto
This is the end heel that exists, it is especially beautiful on women’s ankles and calves purposes. However, it is forbidden to anyone, it is mainly to learn to have a nice walk with high heels feet. If you find it difficult to walk elegantly with stilettos, better to abstain or work at home!
The shoes with platform
They are very practical for small women who want to get high without sacrificing comfort. Through the platform (or tray) placed under the forefoot, the instep is less experience and consequently the shoe as high as it is, is much more comfortable.