How to Choose the Right Skate Shoes

Between the skateboard and walk, do not forget the shoes. Style element, the skate shoes est aussi a technical shoe That must meet specific criteria for not Promote injury and to allow more Easily Some tricks.

Skate shoe Features
A skate shoe shoulds at least Consider The Following characteristics of skateboarding:

  • Sole adapté to feel the touch with the board.The soles of real skateboarding shoes are flat, Rather thin and molded into a hanging materials. Next the sole is vulcanized or not, touch the board will be better and the durability of the reinforced base: it allows for a thinner sole. Aim more fine words have pierced Quickly …
  • Building at the friction areas. Skateboarders rub Their feet at key issues Against thegrip of their board. This results in premature wear of some areas and in Particular the front side outside the front foot. A good skate shoe will-have protections in the thesis rentals: Double or triple stitching Several layers of fabric, reinforcement of the sole, laces level protection, reinforcement via a plastic thickness in the toes.
  • Cushioning in the heel. As in Many extreme sports, skateboarding Practitioners fall a lot and often. Good cushioning is needed. We need the shoe features an insole with cushioning or air bubbles in the heel.

Low shoes and ankle boots
Even if high shoes are less common in skateboarding in the early years of skateboarding. Their benefits are undeniable:

  • Better Maintenance of the foot and ankle qui Avoidssprains
  • Protection against blows.Violent contacts entre les board and the malleoli is PARTICULARLY bad. All skaters know. Bad luck for you if you skatiez in ankle socks and flat shoes at impact.

In contrast, a high boot can interfere with walking and feel the board.
And the colors?
Everyone chooses the color he wants. It shoulds be terminal in mind que la skate shoes will wear out and Quickly That Light colors are messy. Of damaged shoes goal UNLESS dark spot light gold colored shoes.
What shoe size choose?
The best size is one in qui we feel good. Comfort is paramount here. The skate shoes are Often quite soft and are quite well to different forms of foot purpose choose a half size Above His normal size is not a problem. We need the toes can move Slightly partner after the lace-up.