How to Clean Tennis Shoes


The tennis shoes are probably the most comfortable footwear available. They’re also very versatile adapts easily to a large number of outfit. Using them on a daily basis, however, the white rubber shoes are likely inevitably become soiled by making them really ugly to see. Fortunately, there are simple and effective methods to resolve the problem. Let’s see together how to clean your sneakers to let her return to shine.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Degreaser for fabrics
  • Abrasive pad
  • Nail polish remover
  • Wad of cotton wool

Get yourself a degreaser suitable for fabrics or, if the stain is really stubborn of nail polish remover (commonly known as “acetone”). You will also need a sponge than those used to wash the dishes you’ll use if you use the degreaser, and a cotton ball as you will need it if you opt for the second option. Now that you have on hand everything you need you can take action and in step 2 of the guide.
Take a first attempt with degreaser that will suffice if the stains are not there for long. Spray a bit of product directly on the stains and let it act for 10 minutes at least. At this point take the sponge and wipe being careful not to be too aggressive. The abrasive part of the sponge is very effective to take away stains but if she rubs with too much vehemence, you risk scratching the gum and ruin even the surrounding part making it worse. If the stains came away means that you have already got the desired result and you can move on to the final round by eliminating residual degreaser with a damp cloth. If not, your work is not yet finished and will need to be a little bolder. The next step will then instruct you on how to proceed.
If you are reading the third and final step of this sneakers tutorial, it means that the degreaser has not been very effective. Passed to the more aggressive approach: acetone. Pour a few drops on cotton ball-just as you would to remove the nail polish–and rub on the spots until they are removed. When the rubber of your white tennis shoes will be returned, remove residual acetone with damp cloth. Beware though, it’s good to know that the acetone method, if used frequently, it may make it dry and yellowish rubber shoes. I advise you, therefore, to use it only rarely, preferring the degreaser or a nice cold wash in the washing machine.