How to Combine Blouses

Possible combinations for your favorite blouses

After the two contributions what blouses stand me? And wash blouses, ironing blouses, combine blouses correctly  you will know how different blouses types Select figure flattering and as you have with proper care the most from your favorite piece. In the third contribution of our four part series of shows ETERNA you how your simple combinations blouses set visual highlights and move so stylishly by everyday and professional life. In our current products, we have the most important style rules for blouses summarized for you.

How to Combine Blouses

What you wear is actually under transparent blouses?

Without question: Transparent blouses for women are beautiful, but not so easy to combine with their transparency sometimes. With some simple clothing rules, you can but also in a transparent Damenbluse not go wrong.

Spaghetti Top Tank or combined with a transparent blouse

Wear Just a Spaghetti Top or another Tank under the transparent blouse. According to Internetages you can decide whether the top in a similar color to the women’s blouse comes or whether it is an optical contrast with a contrasting color. If you attach great importance to aesthetics and elegance, it is advisable to apply a skin-colored top under your blouse. In this case, you may like to rely on a bra shirt or a figure-shaping undershirt. This can not be seen from the outside and can thus the blouse on its own act.

Strapless tops as privacy protection under the Women’s Blouse

Another nice option is strapless tops that should be, however, never been worn bare midriff. In the color selection, however, you may put experimentation on the day.

BH & transparent blouse

A bra should under a transparent blouse remain invisible and are therefore always selected in color. An absolute no-go is a white bra, because this is when a transparent blouse can be seen clearly. As great fashion sins therefore combinations of white transparent blouse and a white bra or black transparent blouse and a black BH apply.

Flashlight sample for transparent blouses

If a bra under your transparent blouse want to attract, you should always check whether the material is sufficiently thick and the belly button does not show. Vest at lightweight fabrics in doubt with a top or shirt under your ladies blouse. Even a tight T-shirt or tank top can be used as an alternative to the bra and keep you out of a fashionable faux pas. If you’re unsure how transparent blouse is perceived by those around you, you can easily take pictures of your significant other or a good friend with flash. Should be seen by the bright flash of BH, you prefer to wear a top or camisole.

How do I combine white blouses?

The white blouse is a timeless classic, which can be found as standard equipment in almost every female wardrobe. That the white blouse is quite versatile, it proves again and again. Properly combined effect white blouses elegant to trendy and can therefore be worn on almost every occasion. Use colorful accessories or simple basics for a personalized touch:

  • Earth tones: they let the white blouseparticularly shine brightly.
  • Red-black combinations: a refined combination which together with a white blouse looks very elegant.
  • Silver, blues and grays: in combination with white blouses very chic and perfect for everyday office use.
  • Blue jeans and leather jacket: with a white blouse, a true classic that looks hip and trendy.

How do I add a Jeansbluse?

Probably most women know the feeling, despite bulging filled closet not knowing what to wear. How about for a change with a Jeansbluse? Finally, it should prove thanks to a multitude of possible combinations as a true all-rounder.

Jeans & Jeans

Gladly you combine Jean blouses with jeans, denim skirt or denim shorts. This look, however, is suitable in most cases only for leisure and not for the office. You should rather a noble black jeans for Business blouse choose. So that your denim outfit looks not too monotonous, combine different washes. Since the jeans-in-jeans look is perceived as more casual, you can fine accessories used and thus give your outfit a little glamor. Shawls, scarves or various jewels such as earrings, bracelets, or gold chains: your imagination knows no limits.

Jean blouse with pants or leggings

The Jeansbluse is good as a business outfit. Simply enter straight-cut trousers in the colors black and gray or pinstriped. Now even a blazer attract about Jeansbluse and ready is the casual look for everyday business life. To round off the business outfits to closed shoes and simple jewelry are.
Sometimes it just has to be relaxed and comfortable. Select this leggings to a particularly long Jeansbluse – like a tunic. A general rule is that the blouse should extend at least over the bottom and up to the maximum mid-thigh. Black leggings contribute to a relaxed acting look while colorful, multicolored leggings look more fashionable.

Jean blouses with skirts

If your Jeansbluse want to wear a skirt, be careful, because the jeans look does not fit all skirts.
For long, flowing skirts to tight are Jean blouses. But also to playful skirts fits a Jeansbluse. For a more feminine impression to recommend both pleated skirts and patterned skirts. The length of the skirt may vary happy because Jean blouses suit knee-length skirts as well as to mini-skirts. Even ruched skirts are not a no-no if you match your type and your aura. For a much more feminine look, it is advisable that Jeansbluse open to carry and combine with a top.


You want your Jeansbluse also wear in the colder months, together with a skirt? No problem: A trendy, stylish solution is a combination of Jean blouse, pencil skirt, leggings and high boots. For a soft, comfortable look let the Jean blouse over her skirt hanging. Should it however go some minor, simply plug the blouse in the rock, the like may consist of fine wool or twill. As an elegant complement your outfits you wear a chic blazer and a beautiful scarf.


You should definitely oriented in the shoe selection at the style of your skirt. For a wide, long skirt are sandals or flat shoes pretty options. Closer skirts can be worn with boots or high-heeled shoes. To emphasize the feminine touch of your outfit further, kitten heels are with straps.

Jean blouses to dresses

Bring fresh air into your daily life by a Jeansbluse carry on your business dress or pencil skirt. For the finishing touch you provide with high boots or closed shoes with a heel and matching accessories. Even the little black dress can be worn with a blouse like Jean often. In summer you can wear your summer dress with an open Jeansbluse combine. For this purpose are particularly bright washes as these provide a fresh impression. For long summer dress you should choose a wide Jeansbluse you knot around your waist. For shorter summer dresses are recommended waisted Jean blouses that can be worn as a jacket.

What color blouses you should really choose for the application photo?

Due to the Equal Treatment Act will for some time not expressly requested a passport photo in Job. Nevertheless, most applicants to be a passport photo place their documents. In addition to choosing a good photographer you should make sure a matching color blouse to choose for application photo. You should put on more restrained colors. After all, your face is more present when the garment moves into the background. Are suitable for this monochromatic blouses best. With a classic white blouse from Dynamic Cotton is always right. In addition to its neutral color are distinguished white Dynamic Cotton blouses made especially by their non-iron. Even during extended wear are no wrinkles, making you look also maintained at an extended photo opportunity at any time. Pioneer suggests you combine your white blouse with a blazer. If you are not Blazer lover and prefer to do without him, a recommended stripe blouse in blue white.

If your experiment aroused?

You want to try the many possible combinations of blouses equal? Then set of creative inspiration. In our ETERNA online shop you will find everything for a stylish appearance. In addition to email Blouses for every occasion we offer a wide selection of pretty accessories. Take a look and be inspired.