How To Decorate The House Thinking About The Kids

Use specific furniture or leave a special place for the little besides leaving the House with climate, give a special touch in decorating
With specific mobile or building a custom corner, the design increasingly thinks in small and in pleasing them. It’s always important to dedicate one environment, such as living room, bedroom or playroom, so that children can learn to organize your own space and feel special with furniture suited to your size. Here are some tips on how to build a kids corner:

To adapt an environment without spending a lot, worth little chairs and matching accessories such as wallpapers as described in itypeusa and playful objects, that can be replaced as the growth of the child. The interior designer Iara Santos always specifies in their projects for children’s rooms design furnishings and explains the reason: I love this type of furniture, because it helps to personalize the room and the kids love it. Find these pieces cute!, says the designer.
Who wants to spend only environment for children and their belongings, a playroom is ideal, because they can create and play freely without interfering in the harmony of the House. This type of room solves the problem of storage of toys pile up over time and also establishes the place where the child is the main attraction. The project under the architect Eduardo Grazia took into account the age of small customers, between 1 and 3 years. The age demanded that if he thought in how to organize and store toys safely, since the children were small.
If space is restricted, it is worth investing in custom furniture with characters or a child’s favorite design. That way the child becomes environment without relying on great efforts. Wall stickers are also a good option, as well as versatile and practical, can be replaced and give another face to the room where is applied without concern for furniture.