How to Do Studded Nail Art

Pupa Nail Art Kit to create in effect and show your creative side. What is it? New  kit Metallic Bubbles and Glam Jewels,  mini caskets that will make simple and velocela realization of manicure spectacular!


Nail art that I propose has been realized with two kits, specifically the Glam Jewels Pupa 002 that contains one cobalt blue enamel and 3 different types of silver studs and Metallic Bubbles Pupa 002 consists of an enamel and silver beads.
I wanted to dare and mix the kits to get a taste Studded Nail Art rock while glam that surely will not go unnoticed. If you have a strong and determined character and want to dare this Nail Art it is perfect for you.
Fast and easy to carry, it is ideal to be raised in some particular occasion.


– Glam Kit Silver Jewels Pupa 002;
– Kit Metallic Bubbles Pupa 002;
– blue enamel Lasting Color Pupa 215;
– transparent enamel Lasting Color Pupa 100.


Here are the steps from ehealthfacts to follow to be able to replicate this Nail Art with studs using the kit Pupa Milan.
FIRST STEP: Before you start the nail art is better to protect your nails with a base. In this case I decided to use the clear nail polish Pupa n’100. Then by Silver Glam Jewels kit I took the blue enamel , and I made ​​a first pass color.
SECOND STEP: Roll out another coat of blue enamel and before it dries positioned the studs on the nail with the aid of the applicator included in the kit. I decided to play with the studs and create a geometric design with a central star and boss around the square so as to reproduce the shape of a flower.
THIRD STEP: From Metallic Bubbles kits used silver balls to delimit the french area. For their application on the nail roll out (except the bosses) the clear polish Pupa 100 and, with the help of ‘silicone applicator, positioned sphere to sphere creating a’ smile’.
FOURTH STEP: To further delineate the French used the blue enamel Pupa No 215.
Studded Nail Art is ready. I do not recommend to not apply the top coat to avoid losing the 3D effect of the decorations.
How to remove this nail art? The removal is very simple, the applications will take away with ease with the use of a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.
What do you think of this Studded Nail Art? Combine the different shapes of the studs is fun and you can get the geometrical designs not bad! Let me know your opinion in the comments below and good Nail Art to all.