How to Dress To The Wedding Pages

It is more frequent to integrate pages into the participation of marriage. His entrance into the religious ceremony must be triumphant in all respects: With a huge smile, those looks that travel from one place to another and, of course, with an image that makes sigh all.notes and see what are the latest trends in fashion to dress the little ones in your big day.

Dress up the pages of your pastel wedding

If you have no idea of how to the pages of your wedding dress, the perfect is that you decant for a few suits in pastel colors, as for example in beige, nude color, in pink suit, blue, etc. Then keep in mind that the pastel colors are nowadays very popular.

You can bet on traditional models with wide skirts, either, opting to designs with puffs, made in organic cotton and natural fabrics textures. To add more perfection, don’t forget to include layers, tie rods, light sweaters and belts that adapt very well to the style of your marriage. Because i assure you that they will look divine.

Choose simple costumes for pages

Forget so elaborate designs, with many embroideries and bright colors; it is best to make your pages look simple outfits. Choose by dresses with skirts in a court with very romantic details: Monkeys and floral prints very subtle, because they will be ideal.
For children, there is nothing better than a pair of shorts or pants in khaki, always combined with white shirts. And to accompany them with some tennis shoes or sexy sandals in off-white.
Cotton, silk and linen will become your best options to make the costumes of the pages.these textiles, also be comfortable, fit perfectly in both day and evening ceremonies. Best of all is that during the feast of the marriage, the children can play freely and without any worries.

Get to bring the girls wreaths

Although minimalist aesthetics and simplicity is basic in the look of the pages, there’s no denying that the wreaths look divine in their looks. In addition of being an accessory which is very popular nowadays and it does look during pregnancy. These can be made with wild flowers and foliage.
Remember that it is better in marriages that take place in the open air. And for children, there is nothing better than a nice panama hats so they become authentic galanes.

Choose comfortable shoes for pages

If there is something that is very important is that children feel very comfortable during all the marriage, so the best is to opt for a very relaxed and casual shoes. Advocates of flat strappy sandals for girls and tennis shoes in dark blue for children.
You can also bet on the famous espadrilles, especially if your marriage will take place at the beach, or in a warm place. The classical models are divine and, if you want a greater impact, nothing better than to spoil the girls with flats or ballerinas.
As you’ve been able to see there are many options for your wedding pages look spectacular on a day so special and important.