How to Dress When Overweight

After years behind the scenes, put in the shade by filiform, curvy women are finally regaining the right space. Fashion seems to have decided to focus her gaze on the curve: in reality there are only women skinny but also those in the flesh!
Clothing brands are increasingly focusing on “over” sizes as described in maxi clothes, allowing curvy women to freely choose what to wear, of “being cool” and to not have to fall back on anonymous and without style.
The attention of fashion for curvy women can choose without much effort the right look for the job. The place where you work always raises many questions about what clothes to wear: you have to be treated and in good order, but not overly elegant or provocative. The risk of falling with style, the wrong choice is always around the corner. The problem is even more pronounced for curvy women: the search for the right clothes is often difficult and unsuccessful. But this is not a mission impossible! Even curvy women can find work look more suited to them: a style that does not sacrifice the physical but is able to highlight the best parts and hide those that cause discomfort.
Elegant, formal look
The clothing item ever to get this kind of look is the skirt, or did you think it was a garment out for curvy women? The trick is to choose the right model, which is high and of medium length (to the knee). Women who are proud of their curves can opt for a pipe model: comfortable and classy. The pencil skirt is perfect if worn with a blouse and jacket. Don’t forget your heels (not too high): extend your legs and streamline figure. Well even the clothes, preferably with the racerback empire: show your breasts and down soft hips.
Casual look
The jeans are the masters for this kind of look. Many women think they do not fit curvy women because they look more fat. Things aren’t exactly like this, you have to choose the right model!
Model NO
In short: shorter stubby legs and make any shape; hipster: showcasing the rolls; without form or too wide: they help to further widen the hips and make your legs look bigger; the ankle; excessively high waisted: focus on belly, giving rise to the effect girdle.
Models High-waist:
but not too much, as we have already said. Okay if it arrives at the navel; a cigarette: perfect with the décolleté; bootcout: slightly flared from the knee down. Emphasises the upper part of the leg and calf hides grossi; Capri: ends just above the ankle; male slitting: maybe slightly abundant in life, but not overly large; rolled on the ankle: raise the figure. But be careful not to get to the capri model, stop at capri.
Casual and sexy
The leggings are not banned curvy women but it is crucial to remember that pants are not and should not be used as if they were: always use a long sweater that covers the b side. The leggings you can match a pullover asymmetric, i.e. with longer back than at the front.
Inevitable (especially if you’re bassine): enhance the figure.