How to Get Your Fishing License

Here in the workshop of fishing equipment repair of Ailton, are frequently sought after by fishermen asking for help to get your fishing licenses. This difficulty on how to proceed, for the majority of fishermen, was exacerbated by two recent events, which were: 1) to the portfolio of national validity, responsibility for your issue, which was of IBAMA and passed to the newly created MINISTRY of fisheries and aquaculture; and 2) to the driver’s validity here in the State of Minas Gerais, the recent change of the I.E.F. State Forest Institute, who closed your Office here in the center of the city, moved to “administrative city”.
Today the ease of obtaining the license (portfolio) of fishing is increased through the Internet, therefore just follow a few steps, as reported below, in order to obtain this legal document and indispensable for fishing. See how to proceed:
Driver’s Validity: this license is issued by the Ministry of fisheries and Aquaculture (MPA), and is valid for one year, throughout the national territory, from the date of your issue. According to, we suggest that your friends get the fishermen for fishing licence on board, which costs $60.00 today, because this category will allow them to fish both shipped as landed.
The steps to take are: 1) enter the site 2) click on “new license of amateur fishing”, reading the information and guidelines for placing the order. 3) click on “start populating data” = will appear on the screen five options click on the option of your interest; 4) select the “Start Angling license request” and respond to the questionnaire; 5) click on “continue”; 6) review of your data and click on “Confirm”. You will get the “Provisional License for amateur fishing”; 7) click to print your protocol, your “Provisional License” and to get the payment Tab. Pay the Bank in any bank to maturity indicated. After 10 business days from payment of the Guide, return to the site and click “Print License of amateur fishing” to have your license valid for a year.
Portfolio of Validity State (Minas Gerais): IEF – Instituto Estadual de Florestas, responsible for monitoring the amateur fishing in mines. We suggest that those who do only regional fishing also take my wallet on-board fishing (cost R$53,10) so will be enabled for fishing on board or landed. Steps to follow: 1) to enter the site: 2) To open the page “portfolio for amateur fishing”, click on “online form” which is highlighted in blue in the text. 3) fill in the personal data and follow the steps for the issue of the payment of the fee.
In the case of the IEF, the license can be taken personally as well at this organ: AV. Nossa Senhora do Carmo, nº 90-Carmo District-BH-Tel. 3228.7703
We remind our friends that retired fishermen, over 65 years old, and children under 12 years are not required to get a fishing license, but must submit documents proving your condition.
Good fishing to all!