How to Help Baby Crawl

One of the first milestones in a baby’s motor development is when he starts crawling. To do this, the baby had to develop some motor coordination, as well as his muscles.

How to Help Baby Crawl

In addition, crawling is one of the necessary steps for the baby to learn to walk.

If your child is reaching the point where he or she is already looking to start crawling, then in this article we will explain how you can help your baby to crawl.

How to help baby crawl

Just like any new moves the baby learns, there are some basics he has to have to do it. Thus, for the baby to be able to crawl, he has to develop balance and muscular strength.

The most important muscles at this stage are the neck and back of the baby.

Here’s an activity you can do with your baby to help him crawl.

Step 1
Lie on your back on the floor with your belly up. Then lay the baby on your belly, facing you. Lift him up holding him on the trunk, drawing him close to his face. Do this while singing or talking to the baby.

Step 2
The movement of raising and lowering the baby in the previous position will cause the contraction of several muscles of the baby’s body, muscles that are important for the baby to be able to crawl.

Step 3
This activity can be done after 3 months, and as such, you should always be careful not to overtighten the baby. Make this activity a frequent joke that your baby will love, and at the same time will develop important muscles to start crawling.

How to teach baby to crawl

By the time your child starts trying to crawl, you can help him by teaching him. So, you should lay your baby on a flat surface with your tummy down, and later, a little out of reach, put something appealing to the baby.

Initially it should make it easier for him to grab and you praise him a lot for that.

Then you must stimulate him to reach the object, so that it begins to make the movement of crawling.