How to Knit Shawl


  1. Playful stoles
  2. Material
  3. Knitting instructions for a shawl

Playful stoles

Stoles are only at first glance maybe a bit dusty, but are perfect for warm summer nights on the second.
Size: 200 x 80 cm


  • Catania Schachenmayr, 400 g of cinnamon FB 00383
  • 1 Milward crochet hook 3.5 mm
  • Wool embroidery needle without lace

Diamond pattern:
Start at the top of the cloth and crochet according to the crochet Scriptures the 1-15 series. Then the series with the stitches before the repeat start, unterlegten repeat pattern according to the grey and according to the ever-increasing number of stitches as often as necessary the rows with the stitches after repeat end repeat. The 1-15 number 1 x working, then always repeat the 8 15.Reihe.
Knitting tension:
20 stitches and rows of 9.5 = 10 x 10 cm, crochet in the diamond pattern.

Knitting instructions for a shawl

3.5 mm which beat to first air mesh, work 4 air mesh with needle. Turn and crochet 2 sticks, and 1 double sticks in the first air mesh. Now according to crochet font crochet the 2-15 series and then the 8-15 7.5 x repeat sequence = 75 series. The 76th series = last row according to crochet font work.
The weave in ends to make a chic scarf. The shoulder cloth clamp and let dry under wet blankets.For the fringe cut 312 threads 30 cm in length and with 4 threads in each 2 series knot a fringe = 39 fringes on each side.