How to Make a Braided Bracelet

Jewelry I putting stuff incredibly happy! It has a very artistic touch and I think it’s great to carry something individually manufactured close to me. Then again, letter beads have a very special message! I am always tremendously when I meet friends on the street wearing one of my jewelry pieces. This is a great feeling!
You want, you even to the jewelry Tinker to try? Then, a braided bracelet sure is a good start, which not many mechanical skills are required. You should bring a little skill and a healthy dose of patience but
When selecting material for this Armand I ensured aware that materials are you probably anyway somewhere lying around as a craft fan has.
You Need This Material:
-Three long pieces of string or yarn
-16 small beads or pendants
As You Design your bracelet:

  1. Put together the three cords.You’re doing a node at a distance of 5 cm from the top of the cord.
  2. Will now start to weave the three cord: it sets the left cord over the Middle, then you put the right cord over the Center and so on.
  3. After approx. 2.5 cm you are working the first beads: before you put the left cord over the Center cord, you thread a Pearl.Pushing them well towards the end of the braid.Now you can put the left cord over the Center cord.
  4. If your yarn is rather sensitive, your a piece of tape can stick to the bottom.So fraying at the thread of the beads.
  5. Notice to keep the bead with your thumb always in position and tight weave.
  6. Before you put the right cord over the Center, you also here threads a bead.
    7 press the bead back up so everything nicely taut.
  7. Her threads a bead now always on the left and right cord before you place them over the middle. 9. If you have used up your beads, you weave quite normally continue.
  8. You finish the whole thing with a node.

The Armand should fit two or three times around your wrist, so you can tie it well. You have to try something, how long you have to braid at the end, so that you’re not going with the length of the bracelet typed on