How to Make a Cell Phone Pocket

Many have a cell phone pocket, but this is made of homemade felt and brings luck!
Ilka, better known as a salesperson for Kunstgenuss , explains step by step how this pretty case is made for mobile phones. Have fun with felting and sewing!
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What you need:
1 stencil of air cushion (25x10cm)
Washing machine
Two old curtains or anti-slip mats
Olive oil
Approx. 2 liters of hot water
1 large bowl
Approx. 40gr medium gray Merinowolle
Some red, white and green merinowolle
Push button
A pretty border
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  1. Place the machine automatically on the table, place an anti-slip mat and the cut-out template on it.Draw gray Merinowolle in thin fibers from the crest and place them on the stencils row by row. It may extend about 2 cm above the edge. Following the same principle, lay a second layer of wool transversely onto the lower layer. Again, always lay the fibers half over each other.
  2. Place the second anti-slip mat on top, sprinkle with a sprinkler and spread the olive soap over the mat briefly.Press the air out of the wool with both hands and light pressure.Then rub in circular movements over the mat, until the wool fibers have joined easily.Possibly. Between new water or soap, put the mat between it in order to avoid matted wool mat. Rotate both mats like a pancake and carefully peel off the top mat. Carefully fold the edges around the stencil.
  3. Lay two layers of wool again.(See picture 1) This time make sure that the wool does not go beyond the edge! Wipe the wool layers wet, cover, flatten and carefully remove the mat. From the white wool form the lower part of the fly fungus and place on one side of the bag. Then lay a circle of red wool on it, spread out small white wool dots, and with a few thin green wool fibers a small meadow implied.
  4. Cover again, sprinkle with hot water and soap over.Then rub again in circular movements over the mat, until the wool fibers have joined. Overfill the fibers to the other side and rub them. Once the fibers are felted, remove the upper mat and rub directly on the wool. When both sides are felted, express the cold water in a bowl or basin.
  5. Then roll tightly in an anti-slip mat and roll back and forth with pressure.Repeat from all sides (also the back). If the felt can not be warped, cut the cell phone pocket in the middle. Be careful not to cut both felt layers. Remove the foil and cut the flap of the mobile phone case completely. Sprinkle edges with hot water and spread some soap over it. Fold the edge of the pocket between the hands until the cutting edges are no longer visible. Clean the mobile phone pocket in clear water and let it dry on the heater.
  6. Now you can decorate the bag with the trendy plaid and push button.Finished is the self-felt mobile phone pocket-

Have fun with the little lucky mushroom!
You are thrilled? In the shop of Ilka there is the kit with all materials, so you can get started!
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Ilka says: “Making beautiful things yourself out of wool is a wonderful experience that makes even more pleasure when you share it with others. 
We say THANK YOU for this wonderful guide! How do you like it? We look forward to your comments.
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