How to Make a Dog Skeleton Costume

You’ve seen enough of cheese dog Halloween costume you last a lifetime. Your dog can come dressed to the nines into something much more original than a clown hat or devil horns, if you dress like a skeleton. The number of dressing like a dog skeleton to use body paint and not some boring suit that will keep your dog looking for a festive night with minimal discomfort. A few simple steps will help you to dress up as a dog skeleton and wow yourself crowd, and perhaps even the dog.

  • Things You’ll Need: 
    The body paint
    Shallow dish
    Sponge brushes

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Choose your paint. Black dogs work best as skeletons, if you can with white paint on the bones. You can also do the opposite and have a white dog with black bones that also looks strikingly well. For dogs of other colors, choose a paint color that contrasts strongly against fur. Hot pink might look good on light-gray dogs navy would better compensate tan and fluorescent green may appear solemn stains dog from several colors. Hold colored pieces of paper construction near the dog to get an idea of what color paint will work best for him.
Prime dog. This means to give him a good brush to dislodge any dirt, strands of hair and debris from his fur. Skeleton outfit that will be painted on, works best for dogs with short hair. You can still try the feat of long-haired canines, but you might want to give it a little hair, so hair is even easier to paint on.
Take your dog to stand still. If your luck with carefree dog may not need to do anything other than ask him to be more and it will. Otherwise, you may want to attach a leash to the dog collar and keep one foot on a leash while using both hands to paint away.
Ready paint. Pour a small amount of paint the body in a shallow container so it can easily be reached with your sponge brush. Here it is also where you can mix colors, if you do not want to stick with plain old white. You can add metal casing – paint hue or even different glow in the dark. Just make sure all paint is safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.
Paint bone. Dip the sponge brush in paint, leaving ample supply on top. Start with the spine of the dog, drawing pieces of bone to serve as his vertebrae. Swath lines than the average vertebra down to his chest to act as ribs. Dab paint into round sections of his pelvis. Draw lines of paint down his front and hind leg bones of the feet and dabble some bones in the tail and paws down. Paint your face last, since he can squirm around and destroy it while painting the rest of it. Leave wide circular area of skin around each eye, nose and mouth. Fill the rest with the color of bones and you have yourself a dog skull.