How to Make Dry Mascara Wet Again

It happens very frequent to have to do with cosmetics that are altered, and in some way become practically unusable. The exceptional event becomes virtually usual when it comes to mascara that, in its packaging, still managed, with incredible ease, to dry out and become unusable.
Unlike what is believed mascara dries out much more easily when used often and not if it is left in the forgotten in a drawer. This is because opening all the time we let the container air-drying cream. How to Make Dry creamy new mascara?
Nothing more simple and fast.
1- Use a few drops of eye drops
All we have in the cabinet of the eye drops, especially if we bring contact lenses. Well the eye drops is the right medium for hydration, not only the eye, but also of your dried-up mascara.
Pour a few drops of eye drops into the container (a few drops I recommend not annacquatelo making it unusable again). Close the bottle and give a pretty shaken. Here it is that the job is done!
2- The old hot water method
If you do not find yourself in the eye drops on hand is when you can resort to the old steel and hot water method.
Fill a glass of hot water… but not boiling, and soak up the mascara for about ten minutes according to Top-medical-schools. The heat melts the dry mascara and will make it again as the original cream.