How to Make Flat Braid

The braids passion knows no boundaries. If you feel like a different style, there is a small and easy trick to create a wide but not too bulky. The result is super cool. Learn how to do it with this tutorial.
Be able to realize these massive braids but not too who have won the Pinterest board, it’s much easier than you think. Just use a little trick: the cotonatura crushed.
The idea is to make your flat braid, like a pancake, so that it creates the illusion of a larger braid. To do this, your weaves strands as you are wont to do. Then, the trick is to pull the hair strands of each section of the braid with his forefinger and thumb. This way your hairstyle will dilate and immediately appear more voluminous.
If you have short hair, pull the hair, could melt the braid, but do not worry: This technique is suitable for many hairstyle. Even the smallest, and measured, tearing will add a nice oomph to your style.
And, then, to see how to make the flattened braid is fascinating. From a little look…