How to Make Leggings Look Like Pants

We thought that the reign of what until now we called meshes, had expiration date. But time has taken away our reason and extended its life span.
Not all of us feel good, not all of us are fans of their comfort, but the leggings are still carried as casual attire and more seriously to go out at night, go to work or even go to a party. The key is that they do not look like what they are.
A Olivia Palermo often left him fable. It helps a barbarity that has such extremely thin legs, which on the other hand does not detract from its way of combining it with great success and without falling into the typical look.. Here, for example, his style is elegant and perfect and serves For a day at the office, for shopping or for dinner.
Those who thought that its narrowness and the shiny or plasticized fabrics in which they came, were not compatible with the classic or conventional, you were mistaken. At least that makes us understand the reappeared Palermo.
On the other side of the coin we have Whitney Port. Who usually stands out also for their ability to integrate them as pants in any outfit . Come on, it’s not like the Lohan and company who want theirs to clamor to extremely tight and sloppy.
Port gets into this pair of denim leggings with metallic effect (see that few of us get along us from a fashion store, and gives them a totally street air.
This Spring-Summer 2010 we are going to take a lot and the version closest to the pants to use we have it in Mango or Zara and has an equestrian air. The key: the zipper, the buttons, and the clip. Because it combines the structure of a cigarette, with the comfort of a mesh.