How to Make Lip Makeup Last

Most women don’t leave home without at least onelipstick. After all, they give life to any visual, doesn’t it? However, some women end up avoiding this product because they bother having to retouch it from time to time. Thinking about it, I selected a few must-see tips on how to make your lipstick last longer in the mouth. They are basic and simple tips, but that make all the difference. Check out!

5 Tips for the Lipstick Last Longer

Prepare your lips

All fixed lipstick best on smooth surfaces. For this reason, a trick that really helps the lipstick last longer, is clean your lips gently with a damp cloth and then apply a lip balm. After that, just wait for the absorption of the product to remove the excess with a tissue. Finally, also worth spending a little bit of concealer on the lips before lipstick to help in fixing.

Satin finish

The most long-lasting lipsticks have matte finish. However, this type of lipstick tends to leave the parched lips and harsh. So, a good trick to make your lipstick last longer is betting on satin finishes, because they have that glow is originated by Pearly pigments and not the texture. In addition, matt lipsticks are not as moist as the creamy and therefore last longer.

Application of lipstick

Another tip that works enough to make lipstick last longer, use a brush to apply it. That’s because the color looks much more rich if it is applied directly without the use of brush. But, not to run the risk of lipstick smudge, after applying the first layer, it is necessary to remove excess with a tissue and apply another coat.

Fill in the lips with a pencil

For that lipstick last longer in the mouth, it is also worth to fill the lips with a pencil and then apply the lipstick of the same color in layers. The mouth is very good pencil to help secure the lipstick as they are formulated to be harder than the lipstick, and therefore, better and last longer. Therefore, the ideal is to pass the lipstick in layers to create an effect with more durability and still keep your lips stay without any color.

Compact powder and concealer

Among the tricks of how to make lipstick last longer, spend concealer and powder after lipstick, is one of the most useful tips. To achieve greater color fixing, after passing the lipstick, apply a thin layer of compact powder on the lips using a brush or sponge. Then you need to apply another layer of lipstick and correcting concealer blots around his mouth. The good of this trick is that the lipstick dregs after and the color is highlighted. Just does not work do this trick with a translucent powder or powder base.