How to Make the Bun Hairstyle

A bun from the back, or more modern flavor such that high, a dancer or red carpet. How to achieve the most elegant of hairstyles.

  • Do you think that the bunis too demanding? Absolutely no! It’s elegant and romantic hairstyle if you want to show it off in the evening, but also ordered to have a perfect look that lasts all day. Here are the secrets of the chignon explained!
  • Venice 2016: three ways to make the bun
    On the red carpet of the latest edition of the Venice Film Festival in Venice the bun was featured in its most modern variations: disheveled and upwards.
  • Chignon in every way
    The disheveled chignon is rising, while the Knotter misfires. The crop on top of the head is ok as long as unusual in braids, even fake can go provided that it has an air of saucy.
  • Video tutorial: chignon red carpet
    The hair stylist Simona Squillario explains how to make a very special bun, rolling and weaving the strands.
  • Hair, the bun
    It is one of the most elegant hairstyles to show off in the evening, and in the “undone” version can be the alternative to the tail in the office. Here’s how the designers have interpreted the classic crop.
  • Tutorial hair, the bun
    The hairstylist Sauro Sartorel shows how to create an elegant chignon for the evening.
  • Hair, high chignon
    Want an alternative to the classic chignon at the nape? Try to build one as high as what we offer in this backstage video.
  • Chignon, mistakes to avoid
    The chignon hairstyle is simple to implement, but not always the style fits your cut or hair color. Here are some mistakes to avoid if you do not want to look bad!