How to Select Safe Toys


Often toys conceal damaging pitfalls that undermine the welfare of children. Among the most frequent falls the risk of inhaling certain small parts of the toy. Also it can happen that the child is hurt with broken toys. Or it can come into contact with toxic substances with which are realized the same toys. To choose a safe toy for children, follow a few tips.
Let’s find out how to choose a safe toy for children!
In selecting a safe toy for children, carefully inspected the object. I’ve checked the “CE” mark. This label guarantees its compliance with European standards. This mark, which is obligatory in all of Europe, indicates that the toy complies with the current regulations. Or the law 313. This mark puts him only the manufacturer. Or one of the certification bodies, accredited by the Ministry of Productive Activities.
In selecting a safe toy for children, do not buy those with power. Opt for toys battery. If, however, given away a train or an iron, check that has an external transformer. This must be low voltage, maximum of 24 volts. It must also have the IMQ mark affixed by the Institute of Quality Mark. When buying a toy respected the age indicated on the packaging. In selecting a safe toy for children, considered especially the characteristics of the materials and the size of its components.

In selecting a safe toy for children, evaluated the materials used. If it is cloth or soft toys, make sure it is quality. Assessed that the hair, eyes and nose are not easily detachable. The child, in fact, can break the toy to find out what it contains. Then, the pieces that come off easily could bring them to his mouth, thus running the risk of suffocation. If the toy is plastic, it must be made of ABS. Avoid games with sharp edges or outside tips. If the material is metal, choose it with “edged” edges. If. Instead, it is mechanical; its internal gears must not be accessible to the child.
If you buy toy guns, children a bit bigger, only use bullets provided by the manufacturer. Check that the package has instructions in Italian, especially for assembly and use. Read them carefully with your child, even to let him take familiar with the new toy. Check that the toy materials are non-flammable. Finally make sure that the older toys do not fall into the hands of children.


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  • Even if the toy complies with all standards it is always good to observe the child while playing.