How to Stop Condensation in a Roof Top Tent

Tents in sunny weather is just beautiful. Fresh air, beautiful nature and no other man far and wide. In the pouring rain, you but yet again quickly longs for the civilization. However hang without a downpour in the morning often drops on the tent roof. How can this be and how can you avoid the condensation?

So dry your tent roof

The formation of condensation is completely normal. In the tent it is you the air in the tent with moisture usually a few degrees warmer than outside and your breath enrich in the night, reflected on the cool tent walls or on the roof of the tent. Nevertheless, there are ways and means to reduce the condensation.

  • A good ventilation of the tent is the best weapon against condensation.If the weather allows it, you should keep all fan as far as possible open. Good tents have hardly any problems with moisture in dry weather. Models with a bad ventilation are, however, hardly dry to keep.
  • Try to store any damp clothes inside the tent.Hang on, if the weather allows it, outside laundry. Also cooking inside the tent – should refrain from not only for safety reasons -, namely also increases humidity.
  • Even then, if condensation – especially in wet weather -outdoor camping cannot always be avoided, as there are but tents from campingship, which can handle better than others.While mostly cheap models have an inner tent, carrying little moisture to the outside, it does not for high-quality products generally. The condensation then hangs on the outer tent and at worst falls on the impregnated inner tent, on the outside, it then rolls off. You stay dry in any case.

Pay attention to your choice of location

  • If you camp on a lake or swamp, you will get more problems with condensation on a Boulder-strewn field.The reason is obvious: more evaporation takes place on water surfaces and the air is damp accordingly.Prefer so dry storage bins.
  • Also sinks are usually not as sites for your tent.Here, cold, moist air, you will find again the next morning in the form of drops on your tent roof accumulates. Although unprotected are open and exposed slopes but for the wind helps to keep your tent dry.