How to Take Care of Men's Clothes

Now that you pay attention to the choice of your clothing and you have spent a certain amount for you to pay it would be foolish to let them get scratched too quickly. Indeed over the lifetime of these will be important less you have to renew your wardrobe. So you will save your money while having fun wearing your favorite pieces for years. A beautiful clothing deserves some care, even your beautiful Dior shirt may fade, deform and then turn into cloth after a few washes if you do not pay attention to maintenance. We must therefore follow simple rules that I’ll discuss in the following article.

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General Tips for Maintaining Your Clothes

  • Ventilate: for clothing you plan to put several times before washing remember to ventilate by hanging on a hanger.
  • Washing: in machine before putting clothing always check the care instructions on the labels. Also do not overload your machine and separate the white color. Do not hesitate to hand wash or to fragile items. Before washing a shirt pull the whales if they are removable. Also make sure that the pockets of your trousers are empty.
  • Drying: let dry the laundry immediately after washing and do not let ball to a corner. Lay the wet laundry without folds avoiding exposing it to too intensive sun. Put the dishes in heavy knit sweaters or wool if you do not want them to take two sizes. To the extent possible (for your sweaters, t-shirts, shirts etc …) spread them on hangers in the same shoulder length your garment. A hanger too the warp.


  • Ironing: do not pass the iron on closures or other details in plastic. After ironing let not hang your clothes, fold them and store them as you go.
  • Flushing stains: take action as soon as possible: they are easier to remove when they are fresh. For stains “complicated” simple google search will tell you how to make them leave. However generally just leave stains with warm water if you act at the right time. If necessary add a little soap but be careful never rub too hard because the fabric could deteriorate (bleaching or appearance of lint in the rubbed area).

Tips by Subject

  • Cotton: the quality depends of the length of the filaments. More they are long the higher the quality. Crumples slightly shrinks in the wash. Wash at 60 degrees maximum for white cotton and 40 degrees for colored cotton. Iron at low to medium temperature.
  • Wool: good ventilation is important because it removes odors. Wash by hand with detergent for delicates or 30 degree machine wool program. Warning not spin/dryers and avoid ironing (or only at very low temperatures and backwards). For fragile items like blazers Dry cleaning is mandatory.
  • Cashmere (and other fragile wool): to wash cashmere by hand in cold water with a small amount of wool produced. Do not twist or rub, just press the fingertips and rinse with cold water. Wring hand being careful not to twist it.Let dry flat on a towel, avoid dry in the sun or near a heat source. No ironing.
  • Polyester: in 40 degree machine. Also it can go in the dryer. The ironing is not necessary but if you wish to do, do it at low temperature.
  • The Polyamide & Acrylic: interview same as the polyester for one detail for acrylic that can not move to the dryer.
  • Viscose: wash at 30-40 degrees using a program for delicate textiles. Do not wring or tumble dry machine. Iron with a not too hot iron upside down when the viscose is still wet. Do not crush the seams or use the steam iron.
  • The spandex: especially no dryer for clothes containing elastane. Maintenance must be done according to the materials with which it was mixed.
  • Flax: wash at 40 degrees for colored linen and up to 60 degrees for the white linen. It supports the high temperature ironing.
  • Silk: for the most fragile parts dry cleaning is in my opinion the best solution. Wash at 30 degrees with a product for delicate fabrics. Do not twist/spin/tumble dry machine (rather put it in a cloth and wipe). For the most fragile parts dry cleaning is in my opinion the best solution.
  • Acetate: wash machine at 30 degrees delicate textile program. No dryer and ironing, satisfy you to expand still wet.
  • Tips for denim: at the risk of shocking, do wash their jeans very rarely. For raw denim, the first washing is recommended after 6 months at least port. For this first wash the laundry is perfect for those who follow, wash your jeans back and closed by hand in a basin of cold water with the “Mir Black” or similar product. To avoid washes, simply rub the stain with a little water and soap. The fact of the air regularly should be enough to reduce odor but in case of force majeure, put it in a tupperware and leave in the fridge overnight, guaranteed.
  • Tips footwear: do not hesitate to ask if the skates sole is leather, it significantly extending their lives. The shapers are required, try to take in unvarnished wood (so they absorb moisture). Avoid, as far as possible, wear shoes two days in a row to allow the leather to rest. Brush your shoes regularly to remove dust and waxing too. For regular maintenance: pass a cloth to remove dust (with a little water if necessary), use moisturizer (leave on for 3 or 4 minutes) and then rub with a soft cloth. Then apply a little (and I stress) waxing and spread to the brush. For waxing and moisturizer I really recommend the products of Grison trademarks or Sapphire that are of excellent quality. Avoid low-end polishes because they contain silicone which will deteriorate the futures leather.

Hoping that these tips will allow you to maintain as long as possible your wardrobe in good condition because it is not all buy nice clothes, you also learn to maintain them.