How to Use a Fishing Feeder

Feeder fishing is a very effective technique with white fish. It is a coup fishing on the bottom that you can go a great distance. The principle is to have a priming near the hook thanks to a primer feeder full of bait. Discover how to get started in this technique.

Use a Fishing Feeder

It is an essential element of this fishing. It is essential that can detect well chopped, because the fish are sometimes chopped small and discrete. Therefore, specific rods for fishing with feeder have a very flexible strut, to convey the slightest movement.

Regarding the use, you must use a cane between 2.70 m and 3.90 m that allows installation throw well away and fight with big fish. A fishing 2.70m is perfect for all short-distance fishing and banks with obstacles. The larger cane, greater casting distance and more suitable for fishing stream.
The canes are also distinguished by their potency depending on the weight you use. Choose the most suitable according to your place of practice.
To fish small fish, uses reeds Light and Medium. Medium and large fishing fish, reeds used Medium and Heavy.
For fishing with feeder, a standard reel is perfectly sufficient, says Andrewfishing. Choose a size between 1000 and 3000 depending on the quality of the line you use. And a recovery lap crank (TMV) of between 65 cm and 1 m. Suffice to fish in most situations. A greater TMV more you can pick up faster assembly or fish (useful in areas with obstacles or current).
It is recommended to use a line of polyamide with little elasticity to notice even the finest bites. Depending on the weight of the assembly, using a line 30/100 20/100 to the body line. If you want a stronger and finer line, use a braid between 10/100 16/100. Braid is suitable to better detect the finest bites.
There are different types of feeder primers according to your needs.
He joins the line and slides her. It allows you to easily store the bait or seeds and release quickly.
It is open on both sides, you can store either priming during casting and spread quickly. It is the most versatile feeder.
It is especially suitable for fishing with live bait and small seeds. Lets not lose during the lanzado.Esparce less quickly open the bait feeder.
There baits ready for feeder fishing. They have the distinction of being sticky enough to stay well within the feeder during the cast. And dispersants to create a cloud of bait around the primer and be as attractive as possible.