How to Use Female White Pants

White is on the rise. The new collection of Arezzo came full of wonderful handbags, all white. In addition, white goes with everything and still manages to bring a lot of elegance. The White is not only to be used in hospitals, he has a lot of style and sophistication.
The white pants is a Joker in the closet and cannot miss. The color ended up being exiled from the wardrobe of women because lighter shades create more volume. But, the good news is that all of us can use the white pants without fear in order to do so, simply choose the template that most suits our body.

How to combine clear parts

While the little black dress is the basics, white is the sophisticated. It is possible to create casual Visual to work, for example, or more elegant for dinner, for example. You can use all white from head to toe, but can also vary with prints or other light colors like ivory or beige. And with summer coming up, this piece is sure to be the darling of the station.

White pants with printed blouse

The White House pants very well with a sweater emblazoned, especially in the case of summer flowers or prints more sober in the winter. You can go to work with this outfit with no problem, combining the look with heels and a sober color and that is as elegant as the rest of the pieces.

White plus size pants

Who has the largest butt or legs might worry in use light clothes, especially pants. However, knowing buy the right model with the right tissue has no error. Well, the skinny jeans is definitely not a good option because it highlights even more the wider hip.
So, give preference to straight cuts and more loose-fitting moulds, which did not mark either the body. Another tip is to choose thicker fabrics and bolder because they don’t score as much the chubbiness that always want to hide and disguise.
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White jeans

For those who enjoy a more casual style can opt to choose a white jeans. The torn are fashionable, but be careful in time to assemble the look. As this type is already quite stripped it is best to use it with more classical parts such as pumps, button shirt or cardigan.
Of course everything depends on the occasion. If it is the case of a lunch with friends or a family gathering has no problem using a Sandals, shoes or shoe. You can spice up the look with accessories like a wallet or a purse maxicolar.
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Tailoring trousers

Is a true classic. To the entrepreneurs on duty that must be flawless in your workplace, a pair of white tailoring can not miss in the wardrobe. With a patterned blouse, she looks great for a sunny day and leaves the more relaxed environment, but with elegance.

Care not to err in the selection

Sailor style, geometric Patterns or plain sweaters in red and royal blue are combinations that make your look with flawless white pants. That is, if you choose one of those don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Another important thing when it comes to white pants is the issue of transparency.
A mistake to think you should use white panties with white piece, it just makes the transparency gain greater prominence. So, opt for a skin-colored underwear. Watch the weather before placing the pants to get out of the House, after all, rain and white clothing don’t match at all. See more looks to inspire you.