How to Use Leggings Like Celebrities

Leggings are one of the most comfortable and popular pieces in the women’s wardrobe, so maybe the phrase “how to wear leggings” appears so much in google’s searches that we always have a question or another when setting up a production with this piece, so the fashion top fashion made a selection of looks inspired by celebrities and street style, with tips to help you choose the right legging and mount ragged productions, check it out:

How To Use Leggings Like Celebrities:

Kendal Jenner’s style-she wears a long jump, T-shirt and short jacket.
The secret to riding a leggings look is to have a good quality, today we can find in different materials such as leather, velvet, prints, smooth and colored, just choose the one that matches your style. But we can say that the wild piece that combines comfort, practicality and that every woman should have one to call her own, is the legging with a good cut in black, this is the wild piece that you can use it at night for dinner and also on a daytime tour, it’s just to combine it with the right pieces.

see the inspiring photos and tips for you to put together your looks:

Miranda Kerr is also adept at this piece, combines with thin heels, shirts and short jackets.
Emma Watson has been ruined! Mounted looks with more festive leggings.
Gigi Hadid always devastates the productions right? a look all in red and another all black with transparency.
Kim Kardashian bet on the metallic legging trend, already Kimberley Garner invested in the leather and combined with a feminine shirt. Olivia Palermo uses and abuses the prints.

See other street style tips on how to assemble looks with this darling piece:

He hit the cold, just put on the jacket heavier to get a look of razing without great effort.
The scarpin has the power to raise production with legging, the covers that are super high also bring elegance to the look and depending on your profession can go to work.
If you think that legging greatly marks the body, adding a third piece as the vest is a sure-fire alternative.
The double boot over the knee plus legging is undoubtedly a perfect match.
Longer or longer knit blouse combined with boots or scarpin are the face of winter
And for those days when you’re not too inspired to create looks, go all black with leap and it’s worth to combine with jersey, blouses and all black coats.
The tennis allied to legging leaves the production more comfortable, in this case it is worth investing in prominent pieces not to look like an academy, like a good handbag or striking shirts and accessories.