How to Wear a Jacket for Guys

For a long time, the jacket, was an integral part of the classic suits and was considered a status symbol for the most stylish men who loved to keep various in their wardrobe. Today the look associated with jackets is completely changed, why it changed the function and purpose of masculine jacket itself, which now binds to a style of dress casual and urban. The starting point was the combination of the jacket with jeans treated with worn effect, which created the basis for the evolution (or revolution?) of the classic garment par excellence. The jacket goes with bright and floral shirts, cotton or wool sweaters that look handmade, scarves in neutral colors, military-style shoes, or straw hats: a garment suitable for a thousand styles and in every season.

Menswear jacket: color matching

If you have light hair and skin choose dark colors, like blue, gray or black in more formal situations, whereas if you prefer lighter skin and dark hair jackets, as those who remember the sand and earth tones. Combines contrasting colored shirts and declined in fantasies more details: this will allow you to distinguish yourself with class and personality.
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Male jacket: fabrics and tailoring

By combining different fabrics and cuts, the jackets stand out for their sartorial taste, recognizable in the attention to detail, and modern styling and youthful. Choose those most classic colors cut for formal occasions like work or most glamorous evenings, or those with a contemporary style, evident in the cut that in the choice of materials, for your day look like an appetizer or a walk downtown.