How to Wear a Knitted Tie

Do you wear ties knitting?
Yes, but as this isn’t the thing everyone, I do a little poll…
Maybe you already tried to wear?
But as the result was no more you’ve switched to something else…
You may wonder how to associate a knit tie pin with your outfits (?)
A suit or blazer for example (a dozen examples of outfits in this post on picktrue).
I asked myself these questions when I started to wear ties knitting… Lately, I see from more and more.
They are a bit everywhere, including very present in men’s fashion magazines that make advertising. More than a passing fad, the knit tie is definitely there to last. And that’s good for your wardrobe!
NB: In this article, I talk that square out knit ties (they also exist to pointy end). But some ideas are common to both models, such as:

  • How to wear?
  • What colour to choose?
  • How to tie it?

1. The Knit tie: between style and panache!

I’m testing the tie knitting for some time and I must say that I never get tired of her charms or his panache! Worn with formal dress, she brings this nonchalant touch that I particularly like, but all remaining discreet (pictured below)
This is a good option for the company, including for a Casual Friday. That said, I also wore it during the week with different costumes. Silk sweater also fits beautifully with a flannel suit… A gross and chic, style that never goes away! It works also with just a jacket!

2 Materials and mesh

For materials, the knit tie is most often made from a silk undershirt. The advantages of this material are many, longevity and fell particularly pretty. In addition, texture brings the volume to the node. Which is not unpleasant at all! (photo below, excellent Adriano Dirnelli)
We also find wool knit ties, material which requires less caution than silk sweater.
Indeed, the knitting of silk can lie a little bit. Therefore take care, without for as much fear of having this problem because depends on the frequency at which you’re wearing your tie knitting.
For the mesh, the knitting of the models found in trade in general is relatively airy, without being too broad I assure you.
The mesh gives a bright aspect to the product, which reinforces his casual side.

3 Colours, Patterns and dimensions: start soft!

Regarding colours, I advise you to start with sober colours but effective as:

  • Navy Blue;
  • forest green;
  • the bordeaux;
  • dark red.

By choosing a classic colours, the goal is to level the originality of the accessory to not give the impression of “too much”.
The texture of a knit tie is enough original to stand on its own. There is no need to add. (Photo below: verygoodlord green silk knit tie ))
For the reasons, found mainly in trade of knit ties United. But there are also models with very pretty patterns.
I am thinking of peas or horizontal stripes models that bring a touch of originality while remaining sober and elegant.
Finally for the width of your tie, it should not correspond to the “when will tell-there” but rather to your morphology. In store you will find several choices of width (from 7 to 9 cm in general).
Learn how to choose the width of your tie, it’s here ‘ How to choose the width of his tie?

4. What tie knot to choose?

Given the texture of knitting, I recommend you do a simple node. So much more than casual side of this accessory, would not suit a formal knot (Windsor type). This type of node could in addition damaging your knit tie.
Also, when I was talking about the panache of this accessory, I think that it is also due in the tie, but also at the back of this tie that can be let out of the flange, as pictured above.

5. How to wear?

Read what he wrote below + contest at the end of this article.
As always with clothes and accessories, I think that there are no rules to follow but rather of the opinion/ideas to build his own style.
If you are wondering what is the added value of a knit tie?
This question, I am tempted to answer: its versatility! It can make a formal dress more casual and, conversely, add panache to a casual look.
Thanks to its chic and casual at the same time, the tie knitting will go very well with a gray flannel suit. A forest green or Navy Blue knit tie will be the most beautiful effect (photo below).
I also tested with the following parts.
NB: some combinations are less views but work really fine. I was particularly amazed by the combo:

  • Tie knitting + jacket + selvedge jean + chukka boots.

Here are various possible associations in bulk:

  • Tie knitting + Cardigan
  • Tie knitting + Blazer
  • Tie knitting + sport jacket
  • Tie knitting + suit
  • Tie knitting + jacket Tweed
  • Knit tie + jacket type Teddy leather/wool (+ 1 for the wool sleeves!)
  • Tie jacket + knitting denim

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