How To Wear A Skirt Without Seem Volgari

How to Wear A Skirt Without Seem Volgari
Adore the skirts but you never know how to wear it without appearing vulgar? Follow our style tips for wearing a miniskirt flawlessly.
Ahhhh miniskirts, blessing!
High, low, curvy or smallish, with the wasp waist or the hips giunonici, it does not matter.
All we have at least a mini-skirt in the closet.
Some people made it a hallmark of their look, wearing it every day with new and original combinations, but whoever shows off only on weekends, or on all occasions in which wants to feel special and feminine.
And those who, from time to time wearing it, hesitates, and he puts it back in the closet, waiting for the time when, sooner or later she’s ready to wear it.
Because if it is true that the mini were born, and always regarded as a symbol of women’s emancipation, as well as unique tool of seduction, it is equally true that “the proof miniskirt” is a real tragedy for many women, who even today find it difficult to show legs, without feeling vulgar.

The miniskirt is back in the limelight in recent years, by clearing each size limit and fabric.
And while the side skirts to jeans do not lose a beat, winning the wardrobe of every woman in the world, the fabrics and patterns are increasing, and alongside the traditional mini length appear micro-skirts, to shorts inspired.
But the colors, the fabric, and the dictates of fashion not matter to those who just do not feel comfortable wearing a short skirt.
Yet there are many ways and many occasions to wear a miniskirt without sounding of place, flashy, or just class.
We pass along some bon-tone rule to figure out how to wear short skirts without feeling uncomfortable.

1. Evaluate the opportunities for using

Our beloved Carla Gozzi, fashion expert and stylist super-chic, does nothing but repeat: each dress of our closet must be destined to an occasion of very specific use . The same applies to the miniskirt.
If you fear the “Cubist” effect you do not have to stop wearing short skirts, rather you have to choose the right opportunity.
Avoid wearing it at work where risks to arouse envy and gossip colleagues and the ire of his superiors.
It would donate a decidedly unprofessional appearance.
Generally should be avoided in all formal occasions when you require sober and classic look.
But when you go out with friends, go to dinner with your boy, or just want to ask you a ride to the shops, why on earth would you not wear it?

2. Create a flawless outfits

Remember that a single skirt can not confer you a kitsch aspect. Rather, pair it with the wrong leaders can create a really over-mix.
You’re so far from bad coupled low-cut top / short and microskirts .
Having a beautiful body is not an excuse to discover you too.
The line between a sexy look and a vulgar look is very thin.
By choosing a top or a blouse with a neckline not too deep, you do the most elegant choice.
You can play with the contrast close-top wide skirt or, conversely, wide-top narrow skirt.
From the catwalks comes the inspiration for outfits taste fresh and cheerful, created with fluttering skirts in floral design and large shirts strictly tucked into the skirt.

3. Do not make mistakes size

If you think a squeeze woman in a miniskirt of a smaller size skin can really be sexy, then you have never heard of the “mortadella on the network.”
A skirt of the wrong size rather than enhance your femininity, can only ruin your silhouette, highlighting the flaws (read love handles and dangerous curves).
It is not a question of extra pounds or fitness, but to wear an item of clothing that has not been realized for our measures.
Before buying a mini skirt, rather than let it in the closet because it does not make you feel at ease, make sure it is the right size.

 4. Use the right underwear

Your fear is that everyone can find out the color of your panties when you wear a miniskirt?
Fear that can be easily avoided by following two simple rules.
First, do not choose skirts too, too, short, in this case the visible underwear is a choice.
Moreover wear a groin skirt is really difficult, the risk of appearing vulgar and excessive is predictable. And let’s face it, if you have two legs to be afraid, the effect can never be so seductive.
Rather choose the length that best suits your body and wearing the right underwear.
If the skirt is narrow opt for briefs seamless and smooth fabric, so as not to appear from under her skirt.
Evita thongs and G-strings, you know why!
To feel free to go wild in disk or cross your legs, you can opt for an intimate shorts in cotton.
In haberdashery you find them easily.

5. Wear them with tights

With the arrival of summer we feel a bit ‘all orphan of leggings .
When the temperatures there are so allow a real lifeline pro skirts.
We cover, warm us, make us feel freer to move.
In fact, nothing prevents us to wear them with skirts in summer, apart from the heat, of course.
But if you think of being able to wear the light version of leggings also on vacation, well do it!
Absolute socks, more or less opaque, are a very useful tool to”lighten”the femme fatale effect of many skirts.
To feel more at ease and less the center of attention with the red mini you love so much, then wear socks, more or less opaque depending on your mood, the dress, and the temperatures!

 6. Avoid high heels

In the collective imagination the seductive woman par excellence wearing a dress or a very short skirt and high heels.
True, but not always.
To wear such a stylized look is essential to have a good relationship with your body, good posture, the right attitude.
And do not we have it all, let’s face it.
C on a look “overdone”, 12 cm above the ground, not only do you risk appearing vulgar and out of place, but also to feel uncomfortable in movement and beyond.
To avoid unpleasant moments, rather , wearing a miniskirt with flat sandals or wedges. The look will appear sexy, without being excessive!